How do you save money eating out...or staying home and cooking?

Along those lines, those of you from the Bay Area may be aware of Duarte’s, the old roadhouse in Pescadero that serves a nice cream of green chile soup. I asked for a recipe, and they told me it was Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken, with actual cream and canned green chiles added, plus some simple spices, then all blended. I tried making it and it wasn’t exactly the same, but pretty close. Worked better with 1/3 C of M, 1/3 C of C, and 1/3 Cream of Celery. Subbing fresh Hatch chiles made it great.

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That does sound good in an old-school comfort kinda’ way. I think I have all those things in my pantry (can of green chiles, not fresh hatch :slight_smile:); I keep cream soups in case I get an itch for tuna noodle casserole (another old-school comfort food). Duarte’s must truly be an old-school, no frills spot, because they admitt their soup is just Campbell’s :smile:.

Question: if you use a 1/3 of everything what do you do with the leftover soup? :grin:

That frustrates me. Something that seems so simple. We get Peruvian Chicken from El Pollo Inka in Redondo Beach. I don’t know why, but I love the dressing on the side salad. It just seems like vedge oil, white vinegar, salt & black pepper. But I can never recreate it at home :angry:

Maybe they were putting you on about the Campbell’s. There’s none in the artichoke soup, which is quite similar. Or if it is Campbell’s, maybe it’s chicken broth, not cream of chicken.

Sorry for the confusing wording–there is no leftover soup. I meant that the proportions are 1/3 of each soup, but I use a full can of each. Then (since those soups are meant to be diluted) I add a similar total volume of half-and-half, because that amount of cream is a bit much, plus a bit of chicken stock, and Hatch peppers to taste (depending upon their heat). Stick-blend it, and season to taste. I end up with about 2+ quarts of soup. We often eat soup as a main.

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It’s possible. All I know is what a member of the Duarte family told me, way back when Mrs. Duarte was still alive, and I wasn’t surprised at the time. I had their chile soup quite recently and it seemed unchanged from 10 or 15 years ago when I had it last…

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Me too. I love soup.

You know, you might be right about that. It’s been a long time since I made it, and now that I think about it, I sure don’t remember any actual chicken. I bet it was chicken broth or stock. I’m going to make it today or tomorrow, using c. of mushroom, c. of celery, and chicken stock, and will report back.

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I didn’t taste celery so I’m skeptical about that.

The Cream of Celery was my idea. They had told me Cream of Mushroom (this I remember for sure), and either Cream of Chicken, or chicken broth/stock, and I now realize it was probably broth or stock. Hope that’s clear. :o)
Whether they were telling me the truth is another matter.


Puréed canned chiles + Campbell’s cream of mushroom + chicken stock + cream fits the flavor and texture of what I’ve had in the restaurant.


Thought of this today while at Safeway. The “brown meat” area had an end of a prime beef tenderloin for 50% off. Grabbed that :slight_smile:

Fail, pretty much. Maybe my tastes have changed since I last did this, or maybe the Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom has changed (I suspect the latter). There was a processed, factory-food overtone to the result. Looks like I’ll have to do this from scratch next time, with a roux, etc.

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Your taste buds have probably matured. :wink:

Dredging up an old thread.

We flew back from NYC a couple of months ago. We carryon when possible, and most definitely for a short transcon.

Wife and I both love The Halal Guys, the hot sauce is like crack to me (or whack, or some such thing). My wife finagled about 15 each of the white and red sauce from the sweet guys at the cart. I had serious doubts about TSA approval, so we stuffed them in a clear gallon ziplock and positioned so the TSA would not have air out all our dirty laundry when they inevitably divine our illicit liquids.

Sure ’nuff, we got the dreaded accusatory finger directing our contraband loaded bag to the special attention section. TSA guy gently admonished us about flouting the 311 rule, but he was cool. I gave him my best woebegone sad puppy look and pleaded my halal love. I did stop myself from making any allusions to crack. Probably a wise move.

TSA guy had a short convo with his super, and bequeathed us a one time exemption. Thanked him profusely, and glad to enjoy a bit of kindness from an oft maligned agency entrusted with our travel safety.

Gallon bag, quart bag… whatz the dif!!! :wink:


Was the problem the size of the bag. Certainly no ‘container’ held more than 3oz.

Yep, bag size. 311 is one quart sized zip. We had. Gallon size. Only 4x the legal limit. Whoops.

Off-topic but I think the zipping bag(s) requirement changed our travel lives. Things - in checked bags - that I never have to worry about leaking. Or things in my carryon that I’ll use during the night, all in one bag. Now even road trips I pack that way. Back to our regular scheduled program.


We used to, but now have an electric car and a hybrid so those mean nothing to us. Pavilions (maybe Vons?) has switched to a much better point system where you get $ off your total bill when you reach a certain point level. So much more useful. Not that I go to a regular supermarket all that much but the kids must have their branded cereals.

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