How many calories in a costco pork chop?

it’s the one that looks like this

with bone and meat on the other side of the bone? I put this into my fitbit for calories and I am horrified.

What’s the weight and percentage of visible fat ? I would guess 500-800 calories

Pork chops can be 40-65 calories per ounce or more depending on the breed, how they’re fed, the age of the pig, and how much fat has been trimmed off.


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Remember, a “serving” of meat is about the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.

At least that’s what I remember from grade school.

Another comparison was a deck of cards.

So, yeah. Big ol’ slab o’ pig? That’s lots.

I’m pretty sure no one on this board remembers that. :slight_smile:

Mrs. Tokarz from 4th grade health will be so disappointed.

I’m curious why you care. It’s part of just one meal in a day of which there are seven in a week…etc.

:disappointed: fitbit said it was 800 calories.

You do realize, don’t you, that no computer program can tell you what you’re looking for? Nor can anyone here. Too many variables.

Depends on how many bites you take.

There’s a recent software update for Fitbit that addresses that issue.

shut up.

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You have to weigh it to get a close estimate. Then factor in your marinade/sauce too. I use MyFitnessPal for food tracking – it syncs with my Fitbit for calorie purposes, and has a ton of foods already stored in the database.

I don’t think 800 calories would be that far fetched, based on the size it looks (comparing it to your fork and knife).