How to open a 50lb bag of rice

I’m sure many people have mastered the art of opening a 50lb bag of rice. But in case anyone doesn’t know, this image shows how to do it:

  1. The stitching that closes the bag has two distinct side. One side has single stitching. The other side has more. Align the bag so that it stand on its bottom. Make sure the single stitching side is on the right side.

  2. Grab the double stitching side at the end farthest away from you as shown in the picture.

  3. In the picture, there are two pieces of string as seen in the yellow rectangles. Cut these with a pair of scissors. Do NOT cut the double stitching.

  4. Pull the double stitching out away from the bag and toward yourself. If all goes well, it’ll come off easily.

If it doesn’t work, my apologies in advance.


I would also likely do this inside a plastic container so it can just stay there, lid on.

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