How to use a gift card

I have a $100 gift card for any restaurant in the Innovative Dining Group, which includes:

  • Sushi Roku
  • Roku
  • Boa Steakhouse
  • Katana
  • Robata Bar

Where should I go? I’ve never been to any of them and haven’t seen much FTC talk about 'em, so any info would be grand.

The most fun of the bunch is Boa on Sunset. Beautiful patio and great people watching.

Your gift card will go the furthest at Robata Bar, probably for two visits.

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Katana has fun people watching (I’ll keep my mouth shut about the food)…

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Tis the season for regifting.


I do that all the time - that’s why I have no friends. :joy:


LMAO :joy:

What’s so funny? :wink:

I have no idea. :innocent:

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If you like steak, choice is easy (and obvious).

If you don’t, then go to the one closest to you. No need to unnecessarily waste gas, or clog up traffic.

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Thanks @yogachik & @ipsedixit - I was probably leaning towards Boa.

@PorkyBelly @bulavinaka - the gift card is yours for the screaming deal of $99. Limited time offer, so hurry in.

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