Huang's world on Viceland

Hooked on this series - Huang’s world. Refreshing programming on Viceland.

Mostly, I love it. When it gets too bro-tastic (about 5 minutes of every episode seems to veer into the “Ain’t I cool?” mode), I fast-forward. For the other 35 minutes, I thoroughly enjoy the show.

When Eddie describes food, he lets his guard down. His descriptors are so evocative and the true joy that comes through is simply fantastic.

Latest one I find myself strangely addicted to - “F*uck that’s delicious” hosted by Action Bronson :confused:

I can not watch Action Bronson. His beard filled with food makes me queasy.

Just watched the Burgundy episode of Huang’s world. Loved it, very good inside view of Burgundian vignerons.

Sprinkling of questionable scenes as usual - i.e clipping toenails in the middle of town… :sweat_smile:. The local’s must have been aghast by the sight Kim Jong-un’s double invading their little hamlet.

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I actually like watching both Eddie and Bronson—even though I’m not even close to the demographic that they are trying to appeal to.

I think they’re taking the individual personality and expression that Tony Bourdain started (along with entertaining food, culture and travel documentary) and bringing it to a younger audience. I’d give Eddie the edge over Bronson—I think his show it better all around. I’ll also agree w/ MplsMary that I don’t actually enjoy watching Bronson eat, but enjoy his enthusiasm and adventures.

hehe. I couldn’t believe that. But then again, he seems to enjoy shocking people and defying expectations.