Hui Lau Shan Mango Desert Multiple Locations Open

The mango desert purveyor from Hong Kong has opened up at least three locations so far in SoCal. Located in Diamond Plaza in Rowland Heights on Fullerton Road, in Arcardia on W. Duarte Road, and one in Irvine on Alton Pkwy. Unsure if these are franchises or corporate owned. I’ve only tried the Rowland Heights location and plan to try Arcadia today.

They specialize in fresh mango slushes placed in drinks or cups with sago, mochi, and other jellies.
Try it out for something light and refreshing.


Mango sago, pancake, and mochi are my jam! I remember Hui Lau Shan had a location in San Gabriel on Valley but closed down years ago?

Yes but that was probably a fake.

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I believe it was located on Valley Blvd where Blackball is.

Pic of drink today from Arcadia location, also had two other large mango desserts. Not cheap but totally worth it.


I told my HK friend about this, and he seems very excited. :slight_smile:

I tried out the Arcadia location last week and it was alright. My usual order is the bowl of mango puree with coconut milk and forbidden rice on the bottom. Not sure what it’s called. Taste-wise, it was fine, but the texture seemed off. Usually the mango is kinda slushy, which is nice but this time there were larger chunks of ice in it, almost like nugget ice, which was not great in this type of dessert.

Years ago, there was a Benser Tasty (sp?) in the Boiling Point plaza before BP was there near Valley and Del Mar. In its heyday, it had a great rendition of this dessert, but it sort of dropped off after a while.

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I wasn’t that impressed with the service at Arcadia location compared to Rowland Heights. I didn’t have ice chunks in my mango slush but girl making the deserts was super slow. The first time I had it in HK 15 years ago I was blown away. It’s unique compared to boba drinks. I am actually thinking about opening a franchise location on the Westside. Interest in mangoes crosses cultures like Asian and Hispanic, although I think the price point is very high.

Anyway, back to the deserts. Did you know they offer 12 mochi’s for $1?

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