Hungry in Seattle

Looking for some must visit places for a first timer. All i know about seattle is that i should refer to the fish market as “pike’s place”, i hear the locals love that. I have the following places bookmarked in my brief search:

Taylor Shellfish
The walrus and the carpenter
Il corvo
Matt’s in the market
Sushi kashiba

Also looking for some recs on gifts I can smuggle back in my carry-on. Thanks.

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I’ll think about this and get back to you. But we love Matt’s. I across the street from the main entrance of the market and on the second floor so it doesn’t feel touristy.

JuneBaby is at the top of our list for our next trip.

More later. C

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Trente frapp at the og Starbucks, babyyy.

And say hello to Dr Frasier Crane for me.

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@PorkyBelly If you’re staying downtown close to Pike Place, it’s worth it to stroll over to Beecher’s for some mac & cheese to go. We ate ours on the plane on the way home…a nice lunch indeed, My cousins picked up cheese to bring home as gifts. I picked up some game jerky (buffalo, etc.) from Pike Place to bring home to my family.
I really enjoyed the foie and the oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter. We had a great early dinner there because they didn’t take reservations at the time. I don’t know if that policy has changed since.
I’m going to piggy-back on your thread. We’re going to my cousin’s wedding later in the summer, and I need some family-friendly recs, too. JuneBaby looks interesting. We’re spending a couple of days hiking by Rainier, before heading back into the city for wedding festivities. I’ll need to stop at a Tom Douglas place for coconut cream pie, doughnuts, and cocktails.


Just a friendly fyi: the locals prefer that you call it “Pike Place Market” :slight_smile:

We want to go to JuneBaby next time we’re up. I’ll have to give it some more thought but we love Drunky Two Shoes BBQ. Oh and Ba Bar (Vietnamese) which is super. We’ve only been to the one in the U District but have been told they’re all good.

Any thoughts on sushi kashiba or shiro’s? How do they compare to la sushi?

Looks like JuneBaby is going to pick up more steam with its win for the Beard Foundation’s Best New Restaurant award tonight.


JuneBaby doesn’t take reservations (except for parties of 8). Has anyone heard how hard it is to get in. Lunch works fine for us. I’ll probably just call them :slight_smile:

Have you been yet? I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on JuneBaby.

Also, please bring back king salmon jerky, red huckleberries, and salmon berries. :+1:

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I think @catholiver deleted her account (or has hidden it).

I was addressing OP @PorkyBelly, oops.! :slight_smile:

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next week, i’ll report back.

i had to look that up, i thought it was some kind of salmon gonad i haven’t heard of yet.



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I am planning on dinner here when I’m in town next month. I’ve got a group of at least 7. I don’t think it would be hard to find one more. I know a couple of friends who live in town. So I’ll report back when I return.

I E-mailed the JuneBaby team to inquire about reservations for a group of 8 in August. They are completely booked through the month of August, and were offering me options in September and October. Looks like a bust for me. I may have to find another option for my one meal in Seattle.

We had lunch there today (Saturday). Waited maybe ten minutes for a table. Immediate seating at the bar. I’ll post some photos later but it was good. It was quite good. But it wasn’t nearly as good as I expected considering all the chatter. One of the staff commented about the fried chicken being the Sunday dinner dish that makes people nuts. She honestly didn’t understand it, saying that she thought other dishes were better. Specifically mentioned the turkey leg.

All the staff were really good and others interacted with us besides our server. We’ll definitely go back but I wouldn’t break a sweat if I couldn’t get in.

Here’s their “sister” restaurant, Salare, who makes the macaroni for JB’s mac n cheese.

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Pig maw with the most perfectly poached egg I’ve ever seen/touched/eaten.


Pork cracklin with pecan butter


Chicken gizzards




As I wrote, we’ll go back and keep working our way through the menu. That mac n cheese looks great and the sandwiches are HUGE!

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Follow up:

I forgot all about The Walrus and the Carpenter . I see it on your list and hope you make it there, my northern friends highly recommend it. You ought have raw baby scallops and grilled sardines. :slight_smile:


It’s been a few years but we love W&C. I don’t know if there’s still a long line but I remember we got there probably not long after they opened and it wasn’t that bad a wait.

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