Hutong (Northern Chinese) - Midtown / Central Park South East

New fancy Northern Chinese export from HK located at the former Le Cirque. Anyone been? Hopefully its not another Da Dong dud…

731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022

Hopefully they didn’t dumb down the menu too much from what’s offered at the HK branch Hope springs eternal…

We need some new food critics in NYC to cover non European/American cuisine… :man_facepalming:

From Sistema today. What he thinks of HK cuisine…

"Though the menu is said to be northern Chinese, the largest number of dishes come from Sichuan. Most of the others hail from Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangdong, so that the menu might be more fairly described as pan-national. Curiously for a Hong Kong restaurant, there’s little that seems to come from the island economic powerhouse, which teems with outside culinary influences that run to British, Japanese, Indian, and Italian-American, among others. Thus, one finds no bo zai fan, curry chicken, spaghetti, noodles fried crisp, or Horlicks, things familiar to us from the Hong Kong cafes that dot Chinatown."

it like saying high end American cuisine is KFC, subway, Shake shack, pizza, tacos:

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Went two weeks ago - nothing special.

The Peking Duck was fairly standard, but for some reason they asked an older Chinese gentleman who spoke no English and some Mandarin from the back to carve over a folding table a good six inches lower than the table. My dinner partner and I both felt fairly uncomfortable over this. After carving about 1/3 of the half duck, they took it away “to be prepared a second way.” It came back as a handful of diced duck for lettuce chops, as if the meat had all disappeared!

The dim sum items were better, but for the price range, I’d rather make the trip to Chinatown.

The crowd is fairly young, but it’s one of those Instagram restaurants.

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Thanks for the report back @pocoloco, guess I won’t be rushing there anytime soon.

On a separate note, just saw some very promising pics on the 'gram of Hao Noodle’s new fall menu.