I Love Feast from the East Chicken Salad

Great dish. Light gingery dressing. I hack it with Trader Joe’s romaine lettuce hearts and homemade chicken breasts, as well as finely chopped scallions. I buy the dressing and wonton crisps at the restaurant.

Where else can I buy the crisp wonton strips? And the sliced almonds – raw or roasted or?

Trader Joe for sliced almonds.

Costco has Feast From the East Chinese Chicken Salad dressing in large bottles - I think 32 ounces. Guess on the price ~$5 and change?

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A couple of weeks ago I bought Wolfgang Puck won ton crisps in Gelson’s. In the newly remodeled Silverlake Gelson’s they were right by the Puck wood burning pizza ovens.

And, in the past, Gelson’s carried Chinese sesame dressing, I can’t remember the manufacturer. Right next to it, in the salad dressing aisle, big bags of won ton crisps were sold by the same company.

Thanks! Keep the ideas coming.