I made bread - SUCCESSFULLY - for the very first time!

I’ve gotten a little crazy(er) over the last couple of days trying to find something equal to my lowly pay grade when it comes to yeast. Reading and reading. Found this recipe and made it today.

I only had one ovenproof bowl of the right size so did the second in a square pan and seasoned it as her “faux-focaccia” mentioned. It worked and I’m just blown away. And Bob the Bread Man is a happy guy.

If this came from any of you, I couldn’t find it but thanks.


Yay - that’s beautiful! I am so happy you gave it a shot and were successful. :smile:

I’d posted about it last month, after trying the recipe thanks to @Happybaker mentioning it:


Oh, thank goodness. I’d looked at so much. And @Happybaker you’re now officially one of my rock stars. Thanks to you both. Woohooooooo :slight_smile: PS: I’m still kinda blown away :slight_smile:

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Well, @ElsieDee is a rock star to me - so I was so happy to see it worked for her - and now you! (BTW, I’m a catholiver fan : )

I grew up with yeast - my grandmother had grown up in Cleveland, then, at her marriage, moved to a small southern Ohio town so any jewish yeast breads she wanted? She had to make herself. So she did, and taught her daughter (my mother) who then taught me. We made my wedding challah - for 80.

That said, there are days I want fresh bread but I want it to be easy. And sometimes? Fast. Alexandra’s peasant bread is one of my new found favs, as it gives me both and is tasty!

Love being able to share on this board.


Oh goody gumdrops :slight_smile: I was just telling my bread-loving mate that being from the South, bread was pretty much biscuits and cornbread and store bought sandwich bread.

Regarding your wedding, as I tell my puppy, “you cuckoo-nut-butt” :slight_smile: xoc
PS: I don’t want to step up - yet anyway - but that faux-focaccia seasoning is pretty darn good. Any enhancements that are beginner level? I also something, I believe in that blog?, about sprinkling “everything bagel” seasoning into the bottom of the bowl/pan. That sounded good.

So kinda-sorta face-to-face, thanks a million-gazillion. Getting ready to toast some up to go with leftovers. And then sandwiches tomorrow. xoc


Confession: our leftover ‘dish’ wasn’t very good so we both ‘just’ ate bread. Tee hee.


That is awesome! Congrats on your bread making breakthrough! Soon, the entire yeast for will be yours : )

As for the everything bagel seasoning - it looks spectacular on her blog. I hope to do it as well. My one note to you? If you do do that? Butter your bowls (or pans) really really well. If there is a bowl section that is not buttered the bread will stick to the bowl and, you will have spots without the everything seasoning. So butter heavily, then sprinkle, then plop the bread dough in.

Oh and bread confession back at you - if I am making nice bread for dinner, like a challah? I don’t worry so much about a perfect protein as I know, we’ll be eating the bread first!

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I recommend trying no knead bread, using ATK’s recipe vs Bittmans or NYT’s, the small amount of lager beer gives the bread a taste similar to SF Sourdough.

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Good point re the buttering. Will do.

I’ll check those out. Thanks.

And the beat goes on. Today’s breakfast and lunch. I’m soooooo happy :slight_smile:20190221_084319%20-%20Edited

(Side note: I made chicken salad after overcooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker. In addition to a little mustard, mayo, s&p - my usuals - I added a little bit of chopped kalamatas, some capers, a squirt of lemon juice and a tiny bit of crushed Calabrian chiles that I had ordered. Couldn’t tell the chicken was seriously subpar.)


Pork burgers with all the accoutrements on MY bread :slight_smile:


Nice . Was starting to make that bread . Power went off . And then there was a change of plans .

Dang. Got some wild weather coming in???

Could you give me a link? I’ve not been able to find one. Thanks.

The NYT one is kinda legendary:


Drat. I have a pay wall with NYT and try to save it for my for uber liberal slant :slight_smile: But thanks.

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Give me liberty or give me rustic bread. You can use one of your free articles next month. :wink:

If you do a Google search, you might also find it on another site that way…


Yet another meal using MY bread :slight_smile:

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Such as this, which appears to be - word for word - the recipe: