I made bread - SUCCESSFULLY - for the very first time!


Yup. I do that for a lot of ATK recipes (::hangs head shamefully::).

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I might, possibly, do the same. Or try and view sites while in private browsing mode (though that is becoming increasingly challenging).

I do support some sites/resources but can’t afford to subscribe to all of them. An ethical quandary I’m unsure how to resolve.

Back to the topic at hand, though: I am enjoying seeing Cath having fun with the recipe!

(And I am debating buying the cookbook that explores many variations on the initial recipe.)


I’m not sure if this helps for NYT cooking but here you go!

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I used to subscribe to NYT and have a gazillion recipes that I had saved and no longer have access to…except a few at a time. I guess I should look for them elsewhere. When a certain someone was elected to a certain office I switched to WaPo. I love it for the news but their cooking, IMO, is boring.

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Agree - just do a search for Jim Lahey’s no knead bread and you’ll find tons of listings. Serious Eats featured it, and then tweaked it a bit later.

(Oh what the heck, I have time while my attempt at a vegan artichoke/spinach dip is baking so, here’s a link for Serious Eat’s article on the science of it. It gives you the info and, a link for the orig. recipe and their revisions. (It’s a NYT "classic " link, so don’t think you’ll hit the paywall.) https://www.seriouseats.com/2011/06/the-food-lab-the-science-of-no-knead-dough.html)


I am having so much fun seeing how much fun you are having with the bread. Such a simple recipe but my, it toasts up like a dream!

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Also try King Arthur Flour no knead


Just read this. I’m a self-described “info junkie” so I like the way Kenji takes things apart. I checked and my Staub cocotte is even the right size. I’ll start this in the AM and since it takes a few days, maybe do the ‘old’ recipe to tide us over. We’re hooked.

I really appreciate everyone’s help here. It still feels special. Thanks y’all!


I don’t know if the NYT recipe calls for this, but I spritz the top of the bread w/ water before I drop it into the dutch oven b/c I assume it’ll create more steam. But who the hell knows that method actually helps w/ the crust formation?

I also keep it on the parchment paper when I drop it (even though the parchment paper isn’t meant for such high temps). We’re all gonna die of something, so…


I see this in our bread future:

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Great tips and posts everyone. Now I just need to stop being lazy and get my lemon of an oven replaced. Oh and get my Le Creuset replaced. It’s shedding! Isn’t that weird?

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Just made it with the TJs Everything But Bagel seasoning. REALLY good. I just put it in the bottom of the bowl and not on the sides.

Not only does this taste good but I can have it completely finished in about three hours. That appealing to me. Started it after breakfast and had a sandwich for lunch.


Wow, cath. That looks great.

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Thanks, ma’am.


Which bread recipe was that ?


The one all the way at the top of this thread.
PS: Hear y’all got a ‘bit’ of snow!


Question: what do you wrap bread in after baking? I’ve been using foil and storing it in the pantry. We finished the last of it this AM and, toasted, it was fine. That’s eight days. In about ten days we’re flying out of Oakland to Norway. I’ve been thinking about gifting the flight attendants a loaf of bread. I’d need to cook it next Thurs. probably, as a gift on Sunday night. Based on these two loaves, that seems alright. But maybe not for untoasted. Any suggestions for storing for a few days and how to wrap. I know with TSA I’d need to unwrap for inspection but that would be brief. TIA.
PS: Yeah, I’m kind of a suck up with these people. They have a pretty thankless job.


I’m going to try it . Thanks .Yep lots of snow . And my driveway is over 200’ long . I’m hiking to the house .


Our friend driveway is SUPER long. A few years ago he bought a truck and then a plow blade. We’re not missing that at all.

But bake some bread and take a break.


I kind of like it . Yes I will make that bread.