I Wasn't Dreaming--This Restaurant Does Exist

Well since Howlin Ray’s became a sensation in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza, turnabout would be fair play if a Nashville Hot Wings and chicken tenders placed opened up just down the street from Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken on Crenshaw, and also served Chinese food on the side. But then if you told me that they’re serving Peruvian Chinese food (chaufa and tallarin) I would have told you that I’m actually asleep right now and having another of my weird food dreams. But in fact I’m wide awake, and Wok N’ Tenders on the corner of Crenshaw and Venice is the restaurant. The Chinese menu is relatively short. There’s chicken or beef chaufa and chicken or beef tallarin, plus fried rice. I had the chicken tallarin and it was really great.

At this point in the cycle I just called in my order and quickly picked it up. Wok N’ Tender has only been open for maybe 2 months, certainly a rough time to get started. They do have free local delivery for $25 orders, and I hope to take a closer look when things settle down.


HA! It was just Peruvian with Chicken Tenders on the menu for kids a few months ago… but I think they saw a lot of people order the tenders and went full-bore…

When I went there they were kind doing a Chiptle model. Pick your meat and your style. Very Wok’d Fresh type of vibe and I enjoyed my meal, the Aji had a NICE heat.

Haven’t been back recently or since they turned over to the Tenders restaurant. We have a local Peruvian place around the corner from us, Bocata on Western.