iBBQ grilling table?

I caught some cooking shows on PBS and came across Project Fire, a cooking/grilling show hosted by some dude named Steven Raichlen. He’s a trained chef who has written a lot of barbecue books.
But what I noticed was that the show shills this BBQ grilling table. Anyone ever seen or used one of this things? Seems very KBBQ or JBBQ kitschy to me, but if they’re selling these things between $6-13K each out of Del Mar, I’m sure some folks have tried or own it.

Seems more about conspicuous consumption than cooking. You could probably buy a less fancy one from wherever Korean restaurants do for a lot less.

Likely. Not in the market for one…was more curious than anything else. Seems too kitschy to me…and also potentially troublesome to clean. I’m an easy entertainer…I don’t want clean up/tear down to be complicated.

12 k for a table
Don’t think so . Lots of entertaining for that price .

I’m familiar with him and have one of his books.

But, shit, isn’t there an expression about people who have “more dollars than sense.” Sheesh.