Iceland. . .anyone been?

Wow air has $49- 99 pp from SF or LA each way…can’t afford not to go…
Staying at Blue Lagoon to and from airport and will stay in center of Reykjavik at Holt, Alda, Borg or Nordica…

Just throwing this out there…:cocktail:

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Yep, in 2015. Chowhound report here,

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We’re going in December so hopefully some will post.

Off-topic but WOW Air has the most insane charges I’ve ever seen. You will pay for everything. But that price is great! When are you going?

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I’ve read that this is good:

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Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur for Hotdogs. Think I downed a couple almost everyday I was there

Dill - get the wine pairing, terrific white selection

Icelandic Fish And Chips

Jómfrúin - smorgasbord

Sjávarbarinn - fish soup

Try home made or restaurant made skyr. I had some at the Veitingar restaurant in Borgarnes, far cry from commercial variety.

Don’t forget to work the white silica mud at the blue lagoon, came home with silky soft skin that lasted a couple of weeks.

Check out “12 Tonar” for great selection of Icelandic tunes

What airline is offering the incredible deal???

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Fab pics and recs…

Wow Air has the great deals…
Can’t wait and and Blue Lagoon and thermal pools and mud packs…yeah baby!
What’s the shark in ammonia?

Look forward to eating and drinking in cold ass northern light sky country…

Pirate party falls short…pirate politics…go Birgitta!

Here are some of the fees:

It amounted to not being any better than Iceland Air but YMMV.

BTW, the average low temp in December is only 30F. I was surprised that it’s not colder but then found out that the Gulf Stream passes by and keeps it warm.

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Hákarl, you will definitely need a chaser of Brennivín (aka Black Death)

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I think the ammonia shark will ruin me for evah. .
Thanks Sgee for all your input!!

Btw, I stayed at the Borg hotel, very central and convenient location. Building is a little art decoish.

Have a great time!

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I’m more an old school architecture kind of gal…

Would you go back again?
Look forward to eating and drinking in Iceland. .

Off-topic but do you know that there are actually people who don’t care about eating (or drinking) when they travel? Weird, huh? LOL

@Plumeria Yes I would go back to the hotel and Iceland. The food scene is not that great (at least when I went), some gems but don’t expect too much… More of a destination for sightseeing and experiencing the outdoors. I hear the party scene is great in winter if you’re into that.

@catholiver sadly my SO falls into the category of “don’t care about eating or drinking” traveler :sob:

Happy to find this thread as a friend and I just booked a trip to Reykjavik over the New Year’s holiday! (We went with WOW air because yes, their add-on charges are high, but they have the only non-stop flights from LA.) My particular twist is that neither of us eats fish (I know, I know), so it looks like a number of the high-end restaurants would be wasted on us, and we’ll be eating a lot of bread and potatoes and hotdogs. And lamb - we’re both good with lamb.

You can get puffin and whale, if that appeals. And in the drinks category, I didn’t think Brennivin was all that, but I very much liked Bjork, a birch liqueur. For the record, I also like Bjork, the musician.

Thanks! We’ll have to see if I’m brave enough for puffin and whale. Definitely happy to try the local liqueurs. and we will also get our fix of Bjork the musician:

Ooh. I was gonna go to this, but then I, uh, forgot. VR should be interesting.

In addition to hot dogs, is there much/anything in the way of street food?

Why yes, yes there is.

YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I’m thrilled by this. We’re going to be seeing the sights more than dining and, honestly, I’m just not interested in spending the big bucks here. So this looks perfect. Thanks SO much.