Ideas Needed for OC - Large Group Dinner and Drinks?


A friend of mine was asking for suggestions for a restaurant to host a company dinner and mixer in Orange County. Needs:

  • Near Irvine Spectrum / Irvine area (or reasonably nearby)
  • Can host 30 - 40 people
  • Ideally have good food
  • Full bar (but beer & wine could work)

Paging @OCSteve @OCEllen and others. Thanks!

The places that come to mind that meet this criteria in the Irvine area
North Italia - they have a big room for around this size you can rent out
J Zhou - they have big rooms, banquet menus and I believe a full bar

If your friend wants to stay at the Spectrum I’d suggest Cucina Enoteca, Capital Dim Sum and Javiers in that order.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

All good suggestions. At the Spectrum, I would add Del Frisco’s to the list.

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Bistango–the atrium space there would be my choice (in fact going to a dinner event there for about 100 people in June). At the Spectrum itself, Paul Martin would be an option in addition to those others have mentioned; far from my favorite place but decent enough and works well for your purposes.

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