If you eat ice cream at home ... then you need a Zerolon scoop

Seriously, it’s an amazing scoop.

The Zerolon has this neat heat conductive material inside the handle that is activated when you hold it.

Just amazingly functional. And cool (not literally, but figuratively).


Agree, I have two of them. One is the traditional scoop pictured in the link and the other is the ‘spade’ shape when I need more faster!

I’m gettin’ that!

I have a Zeroll I’m quite happy wit and also their ice cream spade. They have antifreeze inside and it quickly softens hard ice cream to make it easy to scoop. I make a lot of ice cream and have used them for years.

Just ordered it! The “anti-freeze” thing kinda’ spooked me. But it’s a non-toxic water soluble oil.

It is sealed inside the metal scoop.

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