If you had only one evening in Santa Monica / Venice where would you eat?

That’s great, as you never know how long you’ll stay at the first thing (photo exhibit). We’d rather walk-in and sit in the bar than be restricted with a reservation. Thanks again!

Okay. I called. Predictably they were vague about our chances at the bar. Thursday has always been my favorite night out. I’m not special… So it’s probably other people’s favorite night too. They said they will do their best to accommodate two. We’re gonna’ go for it.

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Another vote for Gjelina

[quote=“Eljeffy, post:15, topic:4306, full:true”]
Charcoal is well worthwhile also
[/quote]Shhh… If my husband here’s the words charcoal, fire and meat he will change all plans.

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That’s funny. I’ll be counting votes like @paranoidgarliclover.

Forgot about charcoal, their aged duck is ducking incredible.

Personally I think Cassia has a poor QPR but maybe thats just me; Gjelina can be tough to just drop in unless you come in early although Salt Air is near by if you want to chance it and can’t get in-imo there are a lot of other places in that are that are very good and easier to get in w/o reservations. More on the casual side but Gjusta is great and easier to drop in for dinner. Charcoal is great and the bar area is usually not to bad to drop in (and yes they have great non meat options as well.) Someone mentioned Yakitori-ya which is awesome but small reservations are recommended. I will +1 for the new Rose Cafe as well

Gjusta, Tar and Roses, or Rustic Canyon would be my picks.


Shoot. I love duck.

Oh @aaqjr. You are good. You just had to throw in the QPR thing.

@Novelli mentioned Salt Air. I love seafood and that’s a great name for a seafood spot.

Of course I want to try Gjusta. But from reading posts it seems a little hectic for a relaxing time.

Definitely want to see what they’ve done with The Rose :heart:. But kinda’ want something we’ve never been tonight.

I’m warming up to Charcoal… maybe. I don’t want to go and not indulge in what they’re good at. But 9:30 at night is a little late for meaty meat.

Oh aaqjr! Now I’m confused. Thanks a lot.

Okay. So here’s two questions. 1) Which of these places would you go to for a nice, but casual date night? 2) Since we don’t have reservations would it be better to stroll Abbott Kinney and see which places on your lists can accommodate us? Okay, a 3rd question… Is Cassia close to anything if we can’t get in?

No rush. I’m going to get dressed, will check back in a little later :wink:.

Thanks so much guys / gals!

Date night, Santa Monica?

Easy: Capo.

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Gjusta is MUCH less hectic at night its more of a breakfast/lunch place but may or maynot be more casual than you would like (ie… counterservice=no waiters)

Charcoal might be your best option. Remember they do great meat BUT they are not a steakhouse (backyard BBQ by Josiah Citrin is the theme). There meat options are easily shareable and the cabbage and other veg/apps certainly are not filler. Sitting at the bar and watching the open kitchen is good sport as well.

A plus for the Rose is it’s easily walkable to Abbott Kinney after and you can leave your car in the lot.

Rustic Canyon is not to far from Cassia…

Honestly, I’d probably choose Milo and Olive or even Malbec b/f all the other choices (many of which I haven’t been to). Heck, I might even choose something like Takuma.

What do you mean by “near?” Cassia is w/i easy driving distance of, like, basically everything in Santa Monica since Santa Monica isn’t that big. :wink: It might even w/i walking distance of Tar and Roses and SaMo Yacht Club. I’d recommend Hostaria del Piccolo, if it were still open. :frowning:

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I’ve never been to Capo (JL’s choice, but I trust JL’s opinion). :slight_smile:

Regarding date night with no reservations I guess one question is how long are you willing to wait for a table? It might ruin an otherwise fine date night if, with no reservations, you end up waiting for 1 - 2 hours, leaving both of you starving, grumpy, etc.

Given that, Cassia and Gjelina are both casual, but fun / nice spots, with good food. Gjelina has Abbot Kinney that you can walk up and down. Cassia has a wine bar next door (also busy at times), but perhaps you can grab a glass / browse their selections of bottles.

Or if you’re in the mood of sushi, I just called Shunji for you and they have an opening at the sushi bar for 2 at 8:30 tonight. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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But please note that Shunji himself ain’t working tonight…

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Thanks for the good point @J_L! :slight_smile: OK, is Maru-san in tonight at Mori? :slight_smile:

How about The Lobster?

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Turns out Mori Sushi has a few openings tonight in front of Maru-san (chef-owner) if you feel like it. :slight_smile:

Don’t tell that’s my top secret daytime drinking spot :wink:

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