Iki Ramen x Warung Bali L.A. Collaboration (Koreatown): A Pictorial Essay

Can a person collaborate with himself? Well of course, why not?! This is exactly what Jeffry Undiarto of Iki Ramen (Koreatown) has done with his Iki Ramen x Warung Bali L.A. venture. Tying together his fine dining sensibilities rooted in Japanese fare, as well as showcasing his Balinese roots, Jeffry has cranked out delicious Sunday takeout meals at Warung Bali L.A. for the past month or so.

Pickup is only on Sundays for Warung Bali L.A. The full usual takeout menu for Iki Ramen is still available as well. There is an outdoor (parking lot) dining option now at Iki Ramen, by the way…

Safety seal for takeout bags… It’s the details that make the eatery stand out.

Iki Ramen: Uni Mazemen… I cannot NOT order this dish. It’s so damn good.

Warung Bali L.A.: Babi guling (Balinese suckling pig) pork belly over runny fried egg rice. Absolutely dynamite!!! For the longest time, I haven’t been able to find this Balinese specialty in L.A. Until now. Terima kasih, Jeffry!

Warung Bali L.A.: Charcoal-grilled snapper and giant prawn, seared scallop over a bed of clamshell mushrooms, urab sayur (mixed Balinese vegetables), acar (pickles), and two different kinds of sambal. Stamp my passport, ‘cuz I feel like I just went to Ubud and back!

Iki Ramen Supreme Kaisen Box: Soft-shell crab tempura in mixed greens with chili oil, burrata with pickled cherry tomato, yuzu & honey truffle, hamachi ceviche, kaisen don with soy-marinated honmaguro with fresh chopped wasabi, Scottish salmon with dashi ikura, scallop & uni with yuzu, sea salt, and to finish it off, black sesame cream dessert - All incredible!

Iki Ramen: Housemade shio koji ice cream. Such great consistency and flavor. Iki Ramen is still hitting it out of the park.

An unbelievable combination of superb bites. Truly, we are living in the Golden Age of Takeout.


Iki Ramen x Warung Bali L.A. collaboration
740 S. Western Ave. #116
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Iki Ramen menu link
Instagram: Warung Bali L.A. (DM to order; pick-up on Sundays only at Iki Ramen)


thanks for the tip on the outdoor dining now, been craving Iki.


The two times I went to n/naka Jeffry was very hospitable and welcoming. He remembered us from our first visit. Glad Iki continues to put out great food and hope they make it through this period intact.


Hospitable is his middle name.