Il Romanista Pizza (El Segundo)

Dang, this is the sort of place that makes me wish I lived in L.A. You guys have the widest variety of quality, reasonably-priced food anywhere.


Started with a combination potato and sausage, since potato’s a very standard topping in Rome, and an I Due Porcellini, because pancetta and sausage. Both were a bit thick and not all that crisp, maybe because they put more stuff on top than they do in Rome. The potatoes were grated instead of sliced thin. Good but not very really much like Roman pizza a taglio.

I thought I should try something with tomato sauce, so I got this one with pancetta. Much better, very thin and crisp. Outstanding. Too bad all three slices weren’t that good.

How did I miss that Bonci had opened a couple of branches in Chicago? And I was right by both of them. Damn.


Btw I didn’t see it until i already ordered by they have a seasonal dig slice that looks great


Finally made it down here. Haven’t had Roman style pizza before but it tasted high quality and I enjoyed all the slices. Margherita was my favorite. Not my favorite style but I can see craving this once in a while and will return if I’m in the area.


I was just there today, too! Around 1:30PM with the kiddo after a climbing session nearby.

I do like and appreciate it, but also not a style that I find super crave worthy if I wasn’t already in the area.


Just missed you, we got there a little after 2.

The only thing I personally would like BETTER but not a deal killer would be for Il Romanista to cut the pizza more like you’d find at many pizza al taglio places in Rome, like Triple Beam. Cut per order based on how much you want.

But I guess that’s splitting hairs.

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Comparing to Triple Beam, I prefer everything more at Triple Beam . . . except the pizza. I mean, I do like Triple Beam pizza, too. But the location, space, beer/wine, occasional board games, wine shop next door, etc., at TP is light years better than IR.

But strictly for food, I like IR.


I get it, I would like this better in theory but not in practice. There are too many people who already take 3 forevers to order, if they had to choose how much and where it would take 4 forevers. I always get stuck behind the one person who takes a literal 20+ minutes asking questions and being indecisive.

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LOL, you and me both. I always have this problem at grocery checkout lines, I invariably always pick out the slowest one, even if it has the fewest people.

Yeah the people making their minds up are a little difficult. What ends up happening, I think, is when you know you’re getting one piece or two pieces only, like at triple beam, you decide quicker than if you have to pick four that you want (like the 4 slices and a drink deal)…

…or do I have that reversed LOL

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Sad news, but some hope for the future.


Sad to hear but it sounds like we’ll be able to eat his pizza again! :crossed_fingers:

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