In case you're at a loss for breakfast options on the Westside

The buttermilk bar from Primo’s is not a bad choice at all…


I hate you.

co-sign. My god those look amazing.

Random box of donuts from sk’s on Beverly. Selection more geared towards kids but nice bear claw, apple fritter, maple bacon cronut and ham and cheese croissants.


Wow, how hearty, yet wholesome.

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Live nude donuts


is that a fucking strawberry cronut that i’m seeing ???

you devoured almost all of them ???

i’m not worthy.

you fucking devoured them on your own ???

It is a strawberry cronut but I just had a little of this and that

id go to fucking town on the whole fucking thing.

now i’m craving a gyro plate from nearby moishe’s too for some grub and a corned beef and cabbage from maggees.

I like the bear claw with apple pie filling the best