In-N-Out Has A New Menu Item!

In-N-Out now serves hot cocoa! It’s the first time in 15 years that a new menu item has been added to the In-N-Out menu. And it’s good hot chocolate!


It’s made from Ghirardelli chocolate. You can get it with or without marshmallows…


According to sources, on rainy days, kids under 12 are eligible to receive a free cup of cocoa at In-N-Out!

I hacked my hot cocoa with a vanilla shake to make a Ghirardelli Shake™ (trademark J_L, 2018).



TIL: InO serves coffee


coffee + hot chocolate + vanilla shake = mocha affogato


I notice some of you have talents for hacking menus and mashups.

mildly related, but can someone tell me why a person would do this?

Cuz they’re hungry?

not a reason for me to want unmelted cheese on my burger.

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I love refrigerated cold KFC.

Ask for the cheese Animal Style.

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Nothing quite says Hamburger and Fries like … hot cocoa?

As an aside, In N Out had hot cocoa way back when I was in college. We used to ask for a cup of ice and drink it cold, like chocolate milk.

I remember this being an issue with the ill fated McDLT of my childhood. They put the cheese on the cold side, i can still hear my mom complaining about it.

I used to love those McDLTs


Which brings up for me: why is it so hard to actually ‘center’ the cheese on the burger rather than off to one side?

It’s supposed to look like a smile. You can request whatever you want however.

You should totally go in there and lecture them on burger cheese placement.


I tried INO maybe ten years ago and was so unimpressed I never returned. And it’s not FAST food IMneverHO :slight_smile:

Of course you don’t like In-N-Out.


And what, pray tell, does that mean? I have eaten and do eat - occasionally - at a plethora of FF places. Just wasn’t impressed with that one. Especially, as I said, it not “fast.”

I tried INO maybe ten years ago and was so unimpressed I never returned. And it’s not FAST food

Let me guess… you shared a burger with your husband because they were just so big, and you didn’t dare have the ketchup with your fries because YUCK! :roll_eyes:


LOL! We actually did share a Whopper not long ago. And although we prefer mayo for fries ketchup works when on the road. On the road is almost the only time we have any fast food so it’s just fuel to get from point A to point B.

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