In search of Jjukkumj

In Seoul, I had one of the great meals of my life at Na Jeong-sun Halmae Jjukkumi. It is a one dish restaurant specializing in extremely spicy stir fried baby octopus, served with a cooling slaw and leaves for wraps. Pictures below. I have looked for this dish all over LA K town, but have never found anything approximating what exists in Seoul. Anyone ever had this here?

Picture of the dish at the place I went is below


Not at Gjjjjusta.

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That’s for sure.

I’m sure nothing will match the quality found in Korea, but Ten Raku does a passable version of it if you need a fix.

Not quite the same, but Kitchen Sooda does a version with thin sliced pork belly over rice on a hot stone that I enjoy.

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I’m sure you know lots of Korean places do nakji bokkeum but I have not seen any places do a version with the baby octopus. I’ll keep my ears open.

I’ve been looking for good jjukkumi since I moved to LA half a decade ago, I’m yet to find anything like what I had in Korea. Nakji bokkeum, sure, but not jjukumi.