In Search of Light, Delectable Chicken Pho Noodle Soup - A Pho Ga Journey

Just went on New Year’s Day. We got the whole chicken for $21 and two large plain noodle bowls to split amongs 4 pple. Must say, pho ga bac ninh’s execution with the whole chicken, how well it was cooked and just as importantly who well they broke it down with clean cuts is the best. We’ve been a few sports where the butchering was worse than what we could do at home.


How does the chicken, broth and pho noodle at Pho Ga District (on San Gabriel Blvd in Rosemead) compare with the ones mentioned on this thread? I got there at 8:03pm last night but they close at 8pm and they are closed on Thursdays.

Thanks for the heads up @fallingleaves. I haven’t tried it yet, maybe some of our SGV FTC’ers can chime in?

Or I’ll eventually make it over there next time I’m in the area.

Any recommendations in Mid-City or Beverly-Grove area?

There’s not a ton of pho options around here that are good.

Phorage just opened up a spot here and nong la on la Brea also does pho ga.

But I’ve never had pho ga at either of their og locations.

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Pho Saigon Pearl is decent. We go to Pho Hue Oi in Redondo Beach, it’s right off the 405 and you can easily work in a trip to Tokyo Central while down there.

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Thanks @Dommy & @hungryhungryhippos!

We had Saigon Pearl or Nong La a while ago but I can’t remember which. I’ll try them again. The other options sound good for a later visit. I’m down with a cold and had doctored-up Campbell’s tonight. Some nice, hot, local Pho is the ticket for tomorrow.

:ramen: :herb:


Hope you feel better hangari kalgooksoo in ktown might be a good stand in for pho ga.

Their knife cut noodle chicken soup is definitely something I grab when I’m feeling an itchy throat or cold coming on


Thanks! Even better. I was reading about them earlier - maybe on this board, but I can’t remember because my brain is like chewing gum right now.

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Hi @TheCookie,

Hope you feel better! :frowning: I can’t think of any legit / great Pho Ga places in the Mid-City area. I was thinking of alternatives and maybe you can go to our favorite Buil Samgye Tang for their delicious Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup? :blush:

Oh, and note, they moved! At first I thought they closed (their OG 3rd street shop was boarded up), but I just found out they moved to Western Ave.! Phew.

859 S Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 739-0001


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Thanks @Chowseeker1999! That’s a thought. I was also thinking about the Dak-kalguksu at Hangari Kalgooksoo. Whichever’s closest. :sneezing_face:

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Oh! I hope you feel better! Whole foods used to sell this cup of sippy Pho Broth that was surprisingly wonderful.


Wow I need this in my life

Thanks @Dommy. I’ll checkout Whole Foods and Amazon. That’d be great to have on hand.

Hi @Dommy. I was at the Brentwood Whole Foods the other day and asked about the Nona Lim Pho Broth. Their computer listed it but it wasn’t on the shelf. That’s a small WF so hopefully I’ll have more luck at 3rd Street.


didn’t see any at WF Burbank.

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Yeah. I haven’t seen it in a little bit. Honestly the last time I bought it was from the Grocery Warehouse late last year…

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That is a pretty small whole foods but the one on Montana is even smaller! The famous Venice one (of the ‘whole foods parking lot fame’ is pretty big.)

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Pray tell.

My favorite tiny WF is Beverly Hills. The parking lot is so small you leave your cart outside the store, drive up and a worker loads your groceries for you… tipping is appreciated. That’s so BH.


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