Including the city in your thread title?

I think it would be helpful if, say, you’re posting about a place in SF to indicate that in your title. Other places also. Just a thought.

Do you mean the region (LA, SF, etc.), or are you looking for more specificity? The region already shows up to the right of the title (on my computer) or below the title (on my phone).

I’m not sure how to describe it but I’ll call it the “main menu” where it shows all the categories and subcategories. But, for instance, Americas - USA West - without clicking on something you don’t know if it’s SF or LA or SD, etc. Since I rarely get south of SF, I don’t need to click on the others. Same with other parts of the country.

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I use the RSS capabilities in this site to get the posts. Unfortunately while you can get the first post of each thread separated by category/board. If I want to get all the posts of a thread, it only provides them for the whole site. It was fine when 95% of the posts were the LA Board. Now I have to wade through a lot more non-LA posts to see what I’m most interested in. Including City in the thread title would be helpful to me.

Got it. I usually go to the Unread and New sections and have always seen them there.

I’m not super technical, so not sure what you mean. But when I joined FTC I specified my areas of interest: Los Angeles, Home Cooking. So that’s mostly what shows up in my “latest topics”. What I find is happening now - posts by members I frequently interact with, show up in my “latest topics” whether it’s about L.A. or not. Which is cool.