Indian Buffet Question

Indeed we are! Thanks for the recs. :smiley:

I’ve never tried Maharaja on Westwood. Will have to try it soon. I’m def not an Indian-food connisseur and didn’t eat much Indian food when I last went to London, but, for “local” Indian, I’m partial to Street of India in Encino (esp the lunch buffet) and All-India Cafe in West LA (sauces are still a bit thick but quite tasty). Went to Al-Watan several mos ago and loved it (and it gets a lot of love here on FTC).

My Indian friend says her favorite place nearby is Chandni (in Santa Monica). I went once and thought it was… fine.

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Check out the buffet at Abhiruchi Grill on Venice. Packed with South Asian peeps every time I stop in.


Abhhiruchi is legit. That said, I was bummed out when they moved to a lunch buffet rather than lunch specials. I tend to break for lunch later in the day than most so hate getting a picked-over buffet plus it’s really better for all involved if someone is controlling my portions. :wink:

I was going every week when they opened but haven’t been back since they made the switch.


Annapurna is good also. It’s owned by the same people as Abhiruchi. It’s a bit more rundown, though the food is good. I’ve only tried the buffet once, but everything was fresh and my friends really liked it.


It’s rare I post here, but I’m thrilled I can help with Edinburgh.the street you’re talking about is Nicolson Street— with N. And S. Bridge on one side (towards Waverley Station) and Clerk then S. Clerk on the other. Or one could call it the A7.

But I didn’t even know about Bombay Brasserie here. Dishoom, yes (not a buffet).


ate at the edinburgh mother india branch last month on a trip to scotland. much better than similar stuff in the u.s, sure, but nothing particularly special. london has edinburgh beat for indian food. speaking of which, ate a couple of indian meals in london too at the end of the trip. an excellent lunch at tandoor chop house; and a just okay dinner at the inexplicably overrated talli joe’s. i’ll have detailed reports on all in a few weeks.

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