Inn Ann - OOE Omakase


Japan. Not sure if he mentioned anything specific.

Good, but a bit of letdown for me given Mori-san’s reputation. Full report coming up!

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Interesting, the chefs on the east and west coast have all indicated they can’t import akagai from Japan. Wonder if the restriction has been lifted.

Last U.S. akagai sighting for me was at Tadokoro in San Diego, 2015 ( excuse the crappy photography: low light + too much sake = hazy ark shell )

Interesting. That was also the year of my last sighting…but then I don’t do omakase anywhere as frequently as you FTC-ers do!

Your pic and @moonboy403 look like the more readily available Baja variety (anadara tuberculosa), far cry taste and texture wise vs the Japanese variety …

I’ve had akagai in Japan as well, and I agree wholeheartedly with you about the taste being far better in Japan.

But, were’ talking simply about akagai sightings stateside.

Game changer if as @moonboy403 indicated Mori somehow managed to source from Japan.

Personally I’d pass on Baja akagai sushi, not good. I think Go-san saw my disappointed facial expression when he served me one a couple years ago.

it definitely tasted like ones i had in japan. mori-san was particularly proud to serve it to us last night too.

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It is unfortunately still illegal to import akagai from Asia into the US (it also used to also be illegal to import the Mexican blood ark). This is because these species are more susceptible to carrying harmful bacteria. Lots of akagai in Japan is farmed though; I suppose they have more control over environmental conditions that can mitigate pathogen growth.

Some sushi chefs will take the risk and get some on occasion. They need a cooperative importer. I don’t think any of these chefs will be serving it regularly anytime soon. I’ve seen/had authentic akagai at a sushi shop in San Fran and in NYC. Won’t name names ;)~

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“Why the sad face? Not enough gold foil? Much shame on me. I will try more gold next time.”

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feeling petty are we?

Nothing against the man himself, I suppose. Just not as into Go’s Mart these days after a lackluster meal there a year back. Shin Sushi is just a bit up the freeway, and it’s quite good. Very good, in fact. Have you hit up Sushi Note yet?

we did the OOE omakase.

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Go’s is my regular comfy ‘neigborhood’ spot when I’m back in town and to catch up on local gossip with his wife. I enjoy his wide variety of neta but agree technically there are stronger options in town.

Only been to Shin once, it was just ok/above average, likely due to me arriving late that evening and he was in the process of wrapping up for the night. I had a stronger dinners with him when he was at Mori. Haven’t tried Sushi Note yet - but I have been to the chef’s former location 4 on 6.

Keen to try Inaba. Maybe Inn-Ann depending on when this review comes out… :roll_eyes:


I’m so looking forward to a @moonboy403 and @PorkyBelly part deux.


I just finished my part and sent @PorkyBelly my draft. Blame him for any further delay. :sunglasses:


Bangbangbang potential is high: Koji Kimura Food Bowl event, followed by Inn Ann, followed by L’antica Pizzeria da Michele…