Inn of Seventh Ray -- anybody been w/i the last 7 yrs?

Our group of 8 is trying to find a “nice” (but not mind-blowing expensive) place for dinner this Saturday. We’re scattered among Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, and West LA. I was thinking Inn of the Seventh Ray for something w/ a pretty location. Last info I can find about it is from CH in 2010, when folks mentioned that the food has historically been lousy but that maybe it was improving under a new chef (SIV gave it a decent enough review).

Any thoughts?

Scratch Bar & Kitchen in Encino is a good geographic fit for your predicament (luckily, the food is pretty damn good too)…

I was thinking of Scratch Bar, too. Do they only do a set menu? One couple in the group might balk at that… :frowning:

They can alter the menu a certain amount. I’ve seen it done by other patrons when I’ve gone there.

How about Boneyard Bistro

Restaurant at the getty

Thanks for the replies, everyone. I was invited “late” to this dinner and didn’t realize that the other members in the party wanted wine tasting. So one of them made reservations at Red Room Encino.

No pics b/c it was a social event.

The food was good enough (aside from the disappointing burger; it was so bland that I don’t even want to cross-post on the DoTM thread). We also had the pretzel (fine, I guess; not sure what there is to say about a pretzel), charcuterie/cheese plate (very good soppressata), and the grilled (?) shortcake (very tasty). Lava cake didn’t even enough lava (chocolate was only in the very center of a very large cake), and the fries were thick but nicely crisp.

I had the Pago de Capallenes (Ribera del Duero). I thought it was great, but I know virtually nothing about wine. The Rioja I had didn’t taste as dirt-like as others I’ve had (which I thought was a plus).

A nice place if you’re in the area; I wouldn’t make a special trip for it.

If you thought it was great, it was!

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