Insignia multicooker?


This recipe has traveled all over the US in our family. Thanks for the tips. Sounds just right.


My fling with the IP has not heated up to boundless love. At the
moment what I love most about it is that it was only $72 on sale and
shipping was fast and free. We were up the coast for my birthday a
few weeks ago and in an antiques place in Cayucos I found a very
nice alloy – didn’t look hard but it may have been Magnalite –
pressure cooker, big enough to put the IP inside of, and I think it
was $60. Tania would have given me serious **** if I’d bought it,
but I wish I had anyway. A good parallel was that I was driving her
almost-new Alfa instead of our old Forester this time, and while
it’s a marvel of swift, competent travel it keeps thinking it’s
smarter than I am, and when I drive it two-footed as I’ve always
driven automatics and happen to hit both pedals at once it dings at
made up the last part).

Thing is, I do not need my pots talking to me. I have a recipe, a

timer I can set, an oven that is good enough at relaying its status,
and thermometers. If a pressure cooker is properly made, it will let
me know how much it’s packing and let me keep track with frequent
monitoring and a working timer. Having a readout that gives me any
info other than these things is just being chatty; if you’re OFF,
dammit, just turn off the display!


LOL. I love you, Will Owen :slight_smile:


I got the Insignia multipot (Best Buy store brand) and just had the time to open it today after the giant box sat in my foyer for 2 weeks. Who says I don’t need a pressure cooker? Anyway, I knew almost immediately that I will be returning it. There is no option for high or low pressure. There is also no obvious way for a natural or quick release. I’ve been reading Melissa Clark’s Instant Pot book and those things seem to be the way to customize recipes. The instruction booklet is useless. The display panel just has a bunch of buttons for different foods: beans, rice, meat, eggs, etc. Seems like I will be on the look out for a sale on the Instant Pot. Frankly, I’m a little relieved. I’m too busy to learn to use another appliance! Ironic, I know.

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