Instant Pot - Questions, Techiniques & Results


Wow! How did you do it, @Bookwich? There’s a special on corn at Sprouts this week, and I may want to follow suit.


How’d you do the risotto in the IP? I made corn risotto the other day too, but I made it on the stove with all the fun stirring…


@boogiebaby I have risotto notes up above.

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Serious Eats has a number of pressure cooker risotto recipes. Here is a link to the latest,

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Can’t wait to try the risotto this weekend- I’ve only ever made it the traditional way. One of my friends brought me an Instapot as a host gift for Thanksgiving.


How nice! I need thoughtful friends like that in my life. Hope you have as much fun with it as I have.

Slow Cooker and recipes

I cheated a little for dinner tonight, and wanted a complete change-up from holiday food. Made rice in the IP, then cleaned it out to make chicken tikka masala. I had chicken thighs and the Trader Joe’s Masala Simmering sauce…added a little salt and pepper and had cheater chicken tikka masala in about half an hour.
Adding to my laziness, I sous vide haricot verts and asparagus separately so I wouldn’t have to wash any additional pots.

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Picked one up at Target the other day…you know you go to Target to pickup a few things and the next thing you know there is a Instantpot sitting in your kitchen
right next to Up Up Target brand stuff.

I’m thinking simple stews/braises to prep for work lunches and post workout meals.

The possibility of making some Northern Pho, Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, Hu Tieu Nam Vang, Bun Bo Hue, etc is exciting.


Do note that the saute function on the IP is pathetic! :expressionless:

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I only use the sauté function to brown/sear meat before a braise.


It takes way too long to do that when I tried it especially since I needed to sweat my mirepoix after. My IP actually needed a rest before I was done sauting since it went past the 30 mins mark. :rage:

Nowadays, I do all the searing and sweating with my dutch oven before I dump everything into my IP for braising. It’s one more pot to wash but it browns much better and faster.


Sorry to hear that. It works well for me. Glad you found a solution.

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I made a daube, with beef chuck, red wine, dried tangerine, and mire poix. Then when done, I put it on the keep warm function and steeped fresh orange peel and green olives for about an hour.

It was pretty great, I served it over polenta. If I’d had a second pot, I would have done the polenta in the Instant Pot also.

Edit: I also added a sachet with bay leaves, cinnamon stick, juniper berries, and cloves. It kind of makes a difference. :slight_smile:


We bought a slow cooker last year but were very dissappointed that almost everything I wanted to make in it required previous searing or full flavor would be lacking. Gave it away and got an InstaPot. Now I’m starting to think it may have the same issue, though I’ve found lots of recipes that don’t seem to need the extra work.

The one thing I’ve made so far was a Mongolian Beef that I started with a sear in the IP. I’m guessing that the amount of brown sugar in the marinade made the pot either overheat or begin to burn on the bottom because I kept getting error messages and had to go in and scrape the bottom several times to get it to complete cooking.

So far I’m withholding judgement on this IP phenomenon pending further experience.


This is interesting. I’ve not heard of inconsistencies before. Sorry to hear that it hasn’t been ideal for you.
I’ve got an Ultra model from Sur La Table and it hasn’t failed me in the year that I’ve been playing with it.


“you know you go to Target to pickup a few things and the next thing you know there is a Instantpot sitting in your kitchen” At least it’s not just me!


I’m used to high-BTU gas burners so the sauté function seems ridiculous to me. An electric element at the bottom of a stockpot? You have to be kidding.

It’s great for braising shoulder, trotters, shanks, and the like.

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That sounds insanely wonderful!

How about oven-baked polenta?


I would not use an Instant Pot for polenta.


Basically what I shared above. And I make it only that way. Almost embarrassingly easy :wink: