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Why? I use a stove top pressure cooker for polenta frequently. The result is excellent and lighting fast. I haven’t used the IP for polenta, though I’d imagine it’s not too different.

I cook polenta in the dish I’m going to serve it in.

That’s cool. I cook polenta in 10 minutes.

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Chile Verde and Cheese Enchiladas
I started with frozen chicken thighs this afternoon, and shortly after I had chicken and cheese enchiladas with the help of the Instant Pot and a couple of pantry items.
The frozen chicken thighs were cooked on High Pressure for 20 minutes with chicken stock, leftover pineapple-salsa verde, and seasonings. After a natural pressure release, I then thickened the cooking liquid with a corn starch slurry using the cooking liquid on the Sauté function for a few minutes. I shredded the chicken in the sauce, and then spooned it into corn tortillas sprinkled with quesadilla cheese mix. I rolled them and topped with more cheese and salsa verde from Trader Joe’s. It took about 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven to melt the cheese and meld all the flavors.


Just found this thread (and I’ve had an Instant Pot for a whole (gasp!) month!

The best summary of an instant pot versus a classic pressure cooker came to me today, from a high schooler who had, in Home Ec, worked with a traditional pressure cooker with 6 of his classmates, recently. As I explained the IP controls etc, he thought and said “Oh. So it’s more like an appliance and less like a bomb.”


Also, I’m fan girling to quote Andrea Nguyen, but to sum up her post below, the power is “You can walk away from it. Safely.” And I agree, what was the biggest draw for me.

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I took an Asian dumpling class from Andrea a few years ago and she’s a hero of mine. If she says it I listen.

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Instant Pot on sale
Normally $99.95 on sale for $69.95


I made yoghurt and was so impressed with it, I’ve made it three more times.

Some I drained to thicken and flavor, but I always make sure to set aside a jar of not-drained yoghurt for doogh.