Interesting List of New Restaurants (link) Oct '16

Never heard of The Infatuation before, but they do a stellar round-up of LAs newest restaurants. I stumbled upon it when my new favorite go-to restaurant, Belle Vie, posted it on their FB page. I will be very busy eating my way through this list, it’s far superior to Eater’s predictable ho-hum lists.


Thanks for the link (although I do respect what Eater does… Ahem).


I also appreciate Eater and rely on it, but find it predictable. And worse, whenever they post an update to a list to include new additions to a category (pasta, dim sum, etc), it isn’t updated to remove restaurants that have closed.


This is bookmarked. Thank you so much, these are my kind of restaurants! See ya, Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best. :yum:


thanks for the really interesting list. lots of places ive never heard of, and it reads like it was written in a garage with the door closed and the motor running.

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I find it pretty hard to trust the opinions at Infatuation. Which lists in particular do you find “predictable” on Eater?

I believe the infatuation is one of the go to food websites out in New York. My friends there always refer to it for recommendations, write ups, etc.

Not sure how long ago it expanded out here but glad to have another resource. Thanks for the link.

i checked the Infatuation once in a while when they first got going out here and I thought their reviews were 100% garbage. They were bro-ey and badly written and there was actually some really vile shit.

This list is much better, though. Maybe they’ve ironed out the kinks.

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I agree that the writing is shite, thankfully it’s sparse, too. But that list really branches out to neighborhoods and smaller restaurants (ones without the budget for press releases), and they do a good job of communicating what each restaurant’s vibe is, and what they specialize in creating. I hadn’t heard of half the restaurants in that link, and we hadn’t discussed most of them, here at FTC.

@matthewkang: Eater is predictable to me, because I am a regular reader of this BB, so there’s never a surprise in their lists, it’s practically lifted from our discussions. They also focus only on restaurants who have a PR firm and/or celebrity chef.

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that’s really not Eater’s fault though IMO…they gotta pander to the larger audience.

I had a coworker today who never even heard of Animal.

Well we’ve certainly not only written about all the restaurants on the Infatuation list, we were the first ones to write about them and break the news. And we definitely write about places that don’t have any pr or representation: we’re on the ground every day finding spots before anyone else. Sorry about the predictability of the restaurants. I think it kind of goes the other way too in FTC: a lot of people find places because we write about them on Eater first. I draw some intel from here too, but certainly not all of it. Most of the editorial vision comes from going to a ton of restaurants every week.

I think you’d find a lot of richness in the non-listicles we do, from the long features that discuss little known operators and chefs, to the deep dives into ethnic communities around LA. Thanks for your feedback, again.


I saw this eater article posted on Flipboard - nice job.

I don’t mean for you to get defensive @matthewkang. I’ve relied upon Eater for years, and use it when I’m looking for a specific cuisine (pizza, old school, etc), and post links often on TripAdvisor forums, where I’m the Los Angeles Destination Expert (and Santa Monica), as it’s user friendly with good writing.

This new list from The Infatuation is a great addition, but certainly too overwhelming for the Los Angeles visitor/tourist, where Eater’s lists excel in that area.

But please, do be mindful to delete closed restaurants when you update your lists (referring to a recent Dive list posted on FB).

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Relax girls, you’re both pretty.

And Eater’s long read features are awesome. Except for the one about that person drinking a coke for the first time. Two paragraphs in and I wanted to stab myself in the head.

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I wasn’t trying to sound defensive. Yeah, it’s actually a doozy trying to keep track of all the places we write about that close. We’ll get better about that as I know how frustrating that can get.

Oh that’s cool!

NO, I’m the prettiest one of all! :dagger::lipstick::syringe::pill::dress::necktie::heart:


And the fairest - or most fair?

Well, fairiest, maybe… ::snort::

And, @thechez5, you’re alive! It’s been so long since you’ve posted (I think)! Hope you’ve been eating well.

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Man, that blurring stuff - not fair!