Intiraymi - Peruvian on the edge of Chinatown

Great lunch deal alert. $15 will get you two courses and a drink, not including tax and tip. Take that, bib gourmet! Went there recently (they have no air conditioning so be warned when the temps go above 75) and was so pleased to find good food and free parking. The lot is small and we got lucky so come early. I ordered the lamb stew with beans and rice. Came with a great soup starter. Can’t remember what it was now, but I enjoyed it. The lamb was super tender and well seasoned, but the beans were the star of the show. Tiny white beans that were incredibly creamy. Probably the best beans I’ve ever had. The thinly sliced pickled onions were the perfect way to cut the richness of the dish. My friend ordered lomo saltado, which was good but not as good as my dish. I thought the beef tasted a bit too much of soy sauce and the fries were so-so. I’m not a big fan of steakhouse-type fries anyway. But my friend really enjoyed it.


Interesting, never heard of it. Have you tried any of the Peruvian spots in the Hollywood area? Mario’s, Inti, Natalee etc? How does it compare?

It does not sadly. But there is still a dearth of good Peruvian all over town, except for a handful of spots, so it scratches the itch when in the area. I’ve been making due with Rabano’s Lomo Salado Bowl with Veggies not rice ever since my Peruvian Standby went downhill. :frowning:



Yes,unfortunately the lomo saltado did not compare to Mario’s. I can’t say about the lamb dish because I’ve never been able to get myself to order anything else at Mario’s. Dommy got it precisely: it scratches the itch for a reasonable price.

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