Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

Netflix just dropped its new version of Iron Chef, with returning host Alton Brown, cohosting with Kristen Kish. Also returning is Mark Dacasos as “The Chairman”, still referring to original Chairman Takeshi Kaga as his ‘uncle’.

The format is more or less the same as it’s always been, with new iron chefs that I didn’t recognize right off the bat, but no doubt a number of you folks probably will.

First show is fun! 8 eps to the first season.

Allez Cuisine!


2 3 mcheelin star chefs going head to head makes for a good show.


Over the top campy.

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Watched an EP last night, it’s exactly what it needs to be. Glad to see it back.

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It’s a good time.

Things I’ve noticed so far:

  • I think I saw Chef Samuelsson use Astrea caviar for a tailgating/rib battle
  • Watching Chef Crenn cook is joyful and delightful
  • I’m pretty sure Chef Stone is using his HSN cookware line…also the pie he makes looks exactly like his pandemic pie shop at Gwen
  • I see a lot of former Top Chef alumni
  • This kitchen stadium is a big improvement over the old one

Definitely Astrea caviar.

I hate that they dumped all the episodes at once so I’ve had to forego Googling and online discussion to avoid spoilers.

Some of the guest judges seemed inappropriate.

Ming Tsai seems out of his depth. Didn’t expect him to win after he made his sous chefs remake soba and tea-smoked fish.


If you’ve already binged the netflix stuff and still need an OG Iron Chef fix, the ROKU channel (comes free if you have a Roku streaming device) has 11 SEASONS, dating back to 1993 with the first episode being the introduction of the ‘brand new Iron Chef III, Masaharu Morimoto’

Come for cooking, stay for the old school dubbing and questionable translation.


We were laughing at the last episode of Iron Legend when they introduced Morimoto as an original Iron Chef. He’s the new guy! But also the only one well known in the US.

Esther Choi might have won if she hadn’t, as Morimoto bluntly pointed out, lost focus on the theme ingredient in two dishes. She should have also made just great ssam instead of a trio with a pita and taco (especially given that Cámara made.fresh tortillas).

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