Iron Teapot - New Dim Sum in Westside (Palms)

Be interesting how this holds up


Fingers crossed.

I hope they succeed, but the pictures of the dim sum looked meh.

me too. The words alone,”truffle oil”, send shivers down me spine.


“Cramming into an indoor noisy dim sum restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley has become an experience that someone living under months of lockdown can hardly imagine. I… yearn for a Cantonese outdoor restaurant that plays the best Canto pop of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s. ​ My hope is that every customer can step into Iron Teapot and feel transported back to the height of Canto Pop while enjoying freshly steamed, authentic dim sum over a cocktail, beer, wine or a cup of tea with the sea breeze from the Pacific coastline outdoors in the new era of Covid.”

I hope that I’m wrong, but the fact that the press release about a restaurant devotes five words to the food makes me skeptical.


From their online menu: $9 for 3 truffle oil siu mai. Granted, it’s Westside rents, overhead, inflation, etc. I’ll postpone any further thoughts until I get a chance to actually try their food. Who knows? Maybe this place will truly be the next coming of Jacky, Aaron, Andy & Leon…


Obviously the play here should have been to have gold foil on the food and press release hyping up a indoor sun glass wearing owner who may stop by your table to fling some salt onto your dish.

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:rofl: The mixologist style pour from high above the head.

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Just splashing all over the gold-encrusted chicken feet

also, it’s a little… ummm… hopeful that you’ll be getting that nice sea breeze out in culver city

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the Chinese on the menu looks way off…


Welcome to FTC!

To the shame of my mother, the Chinese writing and reading lessons never stuck. What is off about them?

It’s not well translated. Also it’s in simplified Chinese, a departure from the usual traditional Chinese character set, which is the norm in HK/Cantonese eateries.

Welcome to FTC, lqd100!

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The owner had posted a 5 star review on Yelp to represent the five stars that she hoped to achieve once her restaurant opened. I regret not having taken a screen shot because it’s been taken down. Now there are three five-star reviews posted by people who haven’t even eaten there yet.


LOL, I get that owners want to promote their places, but this is sketchy as all get out to bump up your own reviews.

I did see the owner post on a Facebook group I’m in. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who wanted a local option and has little restaurant experience. Hopefully they do well and the food is good

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The Jacky, Aaron, Andy and Leon reference!!!

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went right over my head

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This is a new tactic to me… They’re charging a $25 deposit just to reserve a seat to try their soft opening. I’m gonna hold off on going until their grand opening.

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