Is anyone even making ice cream with stone fruit anymore?

It’s devilishly hard to find a good peach ice cream at any ice creamery this summer in L.A. Heck, it’s even hard to find any peach ice cream at all! Can’t find peach ice cream in even the supermarket aisles. Help!

Fosselman’s has peach ice cream available around this time.

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There’s a spot at the farmer’s market with a really nice peach / peach jam swirl ice cream. It’s the one next to Marconda

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Which FM?

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maybe try looking into mother moo locations. i’ve seen the owner at my favorite peach/plum stand at the saturday pasadena FM buying fruit – i assumed for ice cream but i can’t be sure.

sorry, thought it’s clear that it’s the Original Farmer’s Market. There’s only one that can be referred to as ‘the farmer’s market’ in LA

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peach ice cream is on the season menu


No worries at all, comrade. I suspected as much, but thanks for confirming.

also, i’m sad that Nouveau closed on Melrose. Always loved going there but they never added new flavors

You mean Neveux right? I went there twice - both times were enjoyable, but yeah, the menu was quite static.

damn… yes Neveux. bad spellchecker. i loved them, especially 4, 5 yrs ago when we lived of melrose

Sweet Rose has “Peaches n Cream” but we found it to be less than peach-like in taste.

They had plain ol Fresh Peach a few summers ago and that was amazing.

Agree 100%; the Peaches n Cream really tasted like “Cream with maybe the faintest hint of Peaches.” Which still isn’t bad :slight_smile:

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Smitten ice cream has a peaches & bourbon flavor.

I know this is not peach but I love the Sweet Rose corn ice cream. Tastes like summer. They only have for another week or so.

IHWAMUN™ in Little Tokyo has green plum ice cream.

Go. Now. Limited availability.


Ihwamun doesn’t get enough attention!!

Some of the best Korean and other East Asian flavors.

Last time I was there they said they were looking to break into Ktown hopefully attracting more business.

I mean have you had traditional Korean flavor ice creams? NO ONE is doing these flavors in Southern California.


I tend to prefer sorbet for stonefruit - Connie & Ted’s makes an excellent Santa Rosa plum one around August but I haven’t been recently to confirm. Perhaps in a few weeks. (Oh, and speaking of stonefruit, RIP Candycots.)

The sleeper hit for stonefruit - wakamomo no kanroni (special green baby peach).


Their honeydew ice cream was a revelation.


You had me at wakamomo.