Is Fu Run still best Dong Bei in Flushing

I recently returned to Fu Run with a small group and found the food to be terrific, with only the famouis Muslim lamb chop a little disappointing, especially because of the high price. Other standards–Tiger salad, Lan Pi, Tofu skin with hot pepper, etc. were excellent.

Although I’m a big fan of Fu Run, one of their chefs left several years ago and opened his own place called Golden Palace. Its on Cherry Ave, just off Kissena Blvd (140-09 Cherry, literally 2 doors in from Kissena) & I think the food is, overall, just as good. I think the lamb is generally better at Golden Palace and I’ve also been impressed with the Dried Tofu w/Hot Pepper, the Sauteed Sliced Pork, Eggs & Fungus, the Crispy Flounder (at least they claim its not tilapia), the Pork w/Sour Cabbage Casserole & the Steamed Sour Cabbage Dumplings w/Pork. Basically, its the same array of dishes with some things available only at one place or the other but most overlapping. Same general price point as well. The advantage to Golden Palace is that I can usually find parking, while Fu Run is more centrally located and good for subway and LIRR riders.

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