Is it time to make reservations for London?

Let’s face it. The UK has gone over the edge. As much as they dumped on our electoral process, they’ve gone even wackier. But can we get an economic advantage from this in traveling now? Of course, airlines will try to jump their fares/fees. Well? Words of advice?

Airline? Hotel in Shoreditch?

Seriously. Any ideas to skate now and save a few pounds?

Any airfare deals? Hotels? Shoreditch?

Wait 1-2 years when the new economic reality will set in and the British economy will be in serious problems.

Honestly, that long? I hope the Brits don’t suffer too much.

I expect that today’s decision will have quite a negative effect on the British economy which will last a long time.

OK, but what about thoughts for the next 6 months?

Just remember, @mcmichael who you’re talking to. @honkman comes to us from deutschland.

Thanks for the education.

So, move the previous questions.

Not sure what Germany has to do with the Brexit. It will be effected but not even close to the people in the UK (which itself will also most likely fall apart$

Checking my gold positions… Will be liquidating some of that for the dining warchest tomorrow.

London will be on sale. But the whole world is thinking that right now, which in a perverse way will make London the hottest city to be in for the next few weeks. I say take a few deep breath, then go in about 2-3 months. Expect the whole EU exit process to be long and dragged out, though.

Are you saying the UK is fast, loud and out of control?