Is Palm Springs & Coachella Valley a suburb of LA? We need a taco round-up

We need a Taco Round Up in the Coachella Valley.
I am looking for the best tacos in the Coachella Valley. We are close enough to be included in the LA Board. I love the real spit roasted Al Pastor at Plaza Garibaldi, but are there other places that do real Al Pastor in the valley?

I’m actually in Coachella (the city) quite often, but have never found the opportunity to explore the taco scene. Or any scene really.

So I’m curious what the intelligence says.

while they dont to my knowledge have a trompo, i enjoy the tacos and burritos n stuff at the taqueria in the back of the kasa market in yucca valley. tasty food, seems like a family run place. nice folks. a pleasant alternative when u need a break from the meat and boozefest at pappys.

I read reviews on Yelp and I decided to try Taqueria Ixtlan at 83233 Indio Blvd,
Indio. There were several really good reviews including one from someone who took 100 tacos back to the Coachella festival and another that said it is the best Mexican food in the valley. As soon as I ordered someone in the kitchen started mopping the floor with what smelled like straight Pine-Sol. I am glad to know the place was clean, but I couldn’t tell much about the enormous plate of food in front of me the Pine-Sol smell was so overwhelming. I am not forgiving. I won’t go back.

Pappys ???

pappy and harriets. bar, bbq, live music

Is it sorta an iconic joint in the general vicinity ???


for live bands—not sure about the food (I’ve never eaten there)

it’s kinda the only joint in the general vicinity. good roadhouse fare. they grill the meat outside, except for the burger, for some reason. there’s decent
beer on tap and decent basic whiskey behind the bar. have a steak and a glass of buffalo trace or bulleit and you’ll
enjoy it.
excellent people watching. always crowded at night.

got it. thanks man.

burger is still good, or stick with the official grill meats ???

it’s a pretty good burger, but not my first choice on the menu. if i recall, one of the servers
told me one type of burger they make is grilled outside, but i’m not sure about that.