Is the Sunday Dim Sum Brunch at Langham's Terrace any good?

I recently received an ad from the Langham citing bottomless Mimosas, Peking duck station and selection of authentic Dim Sum such as Pork Bao, Shrimp Shu Mai, Wontons, Pot Stickers and Omelets, Bacon and Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes, Fresh Fruit, Cereal and Oastries, Smoked Fish and Cheese among other brunch specialties on Sundays for $58 per person before tax and tips. Any Good?

I’m surprised this is still being offered, especially after what happened last year.

OK, I’ll bite. What happened last year?

And you may be the only person to appreciate this comment. I liked the pita bread lamb soup at Egg Roll House in Chandler better than Shaanxi Gourmet.

After the change in ownership a couple of years ago, and after they were named one of the best Chinese restaurants in the U.S. by Timeout, they were running a BOGO for 50%.

Never been yet, anything else you like?

As to what happened at The Terrace? There was a heated argument between “chef” and customer over a plate of bbq pork buns. Chef insisted this was “har gow” and the customer insisted it was, well, bbq pork buns. Blew up like a firecracker on the Taiwanese chat boards, where the customer was from. Goes to show … Even when the customer is always right, the customer is always right.

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How can Har Gow be confused with BBQ Bun? Where was the “chef” from? And where was the manager during this fiasco?

I’m guessing this buffet is like the Four Seasons buffet in Beverly Hills where the food is predominantly Western food with an Asian table. The Beverly Hills Four Seasons is the only place where I have eaten Chinese style turkey potstickers. Truly awful.

I bet the Beverly Hills Four Seasons’s Sunday Brunch does not have a Peking Duck station.

Speaking of Peking Duck, Arcadia’s Meizhou Dongbo’s version is exceptional. They have a large duck roasting oven visible from the semi open kitchen and a team of roving duck carvers. Each beautifully roasted duck is carved table side. They come with pancakes instead of steamed buns. Virtually every table orders one. At $70 each, it may appear a bit pricy but definitely worth it compared to the generic $20-30 versions wide available all over the SGV.


I’m also very curious about this.


sad food is sad

no food is sadder.

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