Is there a Campari tomato shortage?

It may just be me but I haven’t been able to find campari tomatoes at any of my local supermarkets for the past several weeks. I’m in South OC and have tried Albertson’s, Ralph’s, Pavillions, and Gelson’s. Nada, zilch, zero. Anyone find them?

You mean those smaller size but not cherry tomatoes? We get them from Amazon Fresh.


They’re actually a specific packaged type that has the name on the plastic container. Usually around 1.5” in diameter.

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There could be a shortage because they’re the only good tomatoes this time of year. :slightly_smiling_face: I get that brand of Campari at Yummy Market’s Miracle-Mile locale. There’s not a lot of locations but check the website for your area.

My favorite out of season tomatoes are from Beylik farms. Great flavor

Santa Monica and Beverly Hills FM IIRC


Thanks @aaqjr. I remember their sign at BHFM but not sure they’re still there and on the site you posted it says Temporarily Closed at BH. Not sure that means them or BHFM, lol. I’m overflowing with food right now but will check next time.

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Canada? Maybe the tomato farms are snowed in.

Thanks folks. Sometimes it feels like South OC is in another state. I’ve found only a single box or two in my usual markets maybe once every two weeks for the past two or three months. They have plenty of on-the-vine tomatoes and also large heirlooms (3 to a package) but Camparis have been scarce. The vine ones I’ve bought have that light band just under the skin and haven’t been great. Wrong season I know.

Camparis have been our every day out-of -season tomatoes for years but we haven’t been going very far from home during Covid and had always found them close by. I got my tomato plants for this year yesterday but it’s going to be a while for them obviously. Hopefully someone in my area will have a clue.

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:joy: That’s a randomly Googled pic but I’m pretty sure you knew that.

I know nothing about brand-name tomatoes.

Campari isn’t a brand name it’s a variety of tomato. The ‘brand’ in that picture is Sunset but why is that an issue?

Campari is a trademarked brand of hybrid tomato owned by a Canadian company that licenses it to growers like Sunset. I didn’t know there was such a thing in the tomato market.

If you are still looking, Vicente Foods has them.

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Thank you but I’m in South OC. Costco usually has them but I haven’t been there in some time. Maybe this week.

They did have them at Trader Joe’s last time I went

Thanks. Mine didn’t but I’m there about once a week so maybe next time.

Sprouts in Alhambra had a whole shelf of organic camparis yesterday, hope that means they’re back in OC as well.

Lots of Camparis at Costco Tustin yesterday.

Whole Foods Brea today

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Yay!!! Back in stock at my nearby Ralph’s!!!

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