Is there any decent Chinese food near Hollywood?

After @chandavkl recommended Huang’s BBQ I was all excited to order, but when I called they told me the place had been sold again with a new menu, so I am searching yet again.

I know we have that XLB place opening soon, but in the meantime, any suggestions?

Have not been in a long time but Genghis Cohen used to be decent and a really fun place. Not world class by any means but solid and a lot of fun.

Was it @CiaoBob who had tried Bao Dim Sum on Melrose and said it was decent? I can’t recall…

are you looking for american chinese or chinese chinese?

It is/was edible.
NB - last visit probably more than 3 years ago.

My tastes probably would be considered American-Chinese, as long as I can get my salted shell shrimp with szechuan peppercorn (heads on if possible).

Otherwise, just decent soups, a nice chow fun with black bean sauce, stuff like that.

I actually was there last night. Was pretty good. People are critical that its a bit pricey for dim sum, but still not expensive and a nice place with full bar. The crab and shrimp balls are very good and its probably as good a choice as there is in the area. Decent bar scene too.

what/where is that?

They seem to be pretty far along. This is next to Hoy Ka / Twin Sliders.

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Thanks the update. That part of town isn’t easy for me to get to, so I’d rather just drive along the 10 eastbound on a weekend for my dim sum fix (meaning I haven’t tried it myself). :wink:

The area must be phenomenally expensive for rent, so I usually will give a little bit of a pass to a place, depending on its geographical location.

some acceptable options up in North Hollywood, but don’t know of anything in Hollywood proper. Too bad BBQ Unlimited in Hollywood closed up shop.

Thanks for the update. That location on Melrose had been a beacon of authentic Chinese food since the early 1990s, through five or six different names and ownerships. We can only hope that the successor Bamboo Restaurant will follow that trend, though I fear it might end up being more Korean style Chinese.

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What are the good NoHo spots?

the aforementioned “BBQ Unlimited” will get you the basic canto standards we all grew up with. Up further on Sherman is 99 Ranch.

After that there’s a legion of chinese american standards, but AFAIK BBQ Unlimited is the only one around here that’ll have salt & pepper shrimp.

Not destination restaurants by any stretch of the imagination, but it’ll save you from heading into chinatown/626.

Whatever you do, don’t go to 77 Asian Kitchen (sorry Dave)

Our fellow poster @JLee is the chef at Genghis Cohen, so that is a plus!

I’ve liked the food at Pingtung Market on Melrose: Haven’t been back in a while though.

The obvious choices are the Palace and Chi Dynasty on Hillhurst. Both are American Chinese. I prefer the Palace. And I’m looking forward to XLB opening. I’ve been passing by there and wondering when it will open…

am i the only one who mourns the loss of the mighty china chef wang on lankershim?

Pine and Crane, near Griffith Park Bl. & Sunset.

OP asked for “decent” not “very good” Chinese.

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