Isarn Garden Thai - San Carlos

This is my favorite Thai food on the peninsula.

Isarn is a region in Thailand, that borders both Laos and Cambodia. The food is distinct from the rest of the country. Complex tastes abound, bitter, vegetal, spicy, earthy.

Standouts to me are:

Kor Moo Yang - this is barbecued pork jowl, served with two types of dips. Highly recommend it.

Gai Yang - yes, the barbecued chicken is divine. The texture of the skin is perfectly done. The same dips come with the chicken.

Naem Khao Tod - fried rice balls with fermented pork and bits of pig skin, porcine goodness

Isarn sausage - meaty, lemongrass and super chili flakes abound. Distinct from the Chiang Mai style Sai Ua at Tycoon Thai and other places in the city.

Green beans - these are done beautifully with a rich sauce full of shrimp paste and fish sauce and galangal and lemongrass.

I’ve also had the green and red curry and they are punchy and replete with fish sauce. You can get vegan versions of the dishes as well, if you are so inclined.

A true gem on the peninsula.

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Isarn Garden is definitely high on our list. Have you ever tried the Nam Kao Tod at Lotus of Siam (LV) (which still our favorite Thai restaurant so far) and how does it compare to the one at Isarn ?

@honkman Yes, I have been to Lotus of Siam, but haven’t had the Nam Kao Tod there. I’ll keep it in mind during my next trip to Vegas.