Island Flavor Cafe- Legit Hawaiian in Torrance

Some very reliable sources who have deep roots in Hawaii tipped me off to a newish place in northern Torrance called Island Flavor Cafe, which is related to the original location in Las Vegas.

I’ve been twice and loved the food both times. My favorite dish is the furikake chicken, which consists of lightly battered and fried chunks of chicken covered in a slightly sweet glaze that has bits of furikake in the batter. It’s a unique dish that is really original and delicious.

I also got the loco moco katsu chicken, which was good although the rice was overcooked. If you’re in the area, Island Flavor is worth checking out. Just be aware that portions are large, so order carefully!

Katsu, Furikake chicken combo plate
IMG_2461 IMG_2473 IMG_2470


You know it’s a lot of food when the food exceeds certain heights.



Does Hawai’i still consider itself part of 'Murica?