ISO American Rack of Lamb

Everywhere I go seems only to carry New Zealand. Can anyone share some reasonably priced purveyors of American lamb?

I thought it was me. And it’s no longer just lamb. What is the deal with New Zealand meat and seafood taking over the grocery butcher case?

Consider the planet and the dire forecasts we keep hearing and reading about, then think, if it has to fly 7K miles just to get on my dinner plate do I really need it? No!

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So do your farmers markets not have meat purveyors?

The big santa monica one has separate Pork, Beef, Buffalo & Fish purveyors but no lamb that I am aware of

'Course Northern NV is old sheep ranching territory so it makes sense that it’s still around. Along with other meats.

Not sure about reasonably priced but:

  1. A Cut Above Butcher Shop in Santa Monica definitely has wonderful US lamb
  2. Bristol Farms on Doheny and Beverly carries american lamb as well
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Jimenez sells lamb at all the Santa Monica farmers markets, as well as Hollywood.

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Yep, they do. I was expressing my irritation at grocery store butcher cases, Whole Foods, to be specific.

Garni meat inPasadena. He usually sells New Zealand lamb but has offered Sonoma lamb in the past. He has recommended it to me as a whole lamb roast for Christmas. I was sorely tempted but unwilling to spend $400 on my picky relatives who would complain red meat is bad for their cholesterol.

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Marconda has really nice American lamb from Montana i think. I prefer it to NZ

Bought a 4 lb. lamb shoulder roast from Standings Butcher on Melrose last weekend that was American. It was pretty expensive however @ $15/lb.

Have also bought American leg of lamb at Marconda’s in the Farmer’s Market that was tastier than NZ lamb.

My local farmers market in Orange features Diamond Mountain Ranch meat products. Bought a rack a couple weeks ago it was excellent! Looks like they participate in some of the LA farmers markets.

You may want to contact these people.

That’s a YIKES.