ISO - Banana Pudding Recipe

want to make for xmas. I found a magnolia Bakery one.

what’s your go to?

edit. found this too

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I’ve been using the Magnolia recipe for years. It’s super easy and no one can seem to tell the difference.



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It’s not traditional but personally I like to substitute banana custard for the vanilla pudding so there’s more intense banana flavor. This one’s kind of fussy but the proportions are about right.

And factory pudding mix my ass. Ridiculously overpriced and inferior ingredients.

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Yes I almost didn’t make it because of the pudding mix. But it’s really good and silly easy. That NYT recipe looks great but definitely more work.

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Perhaps I’m not a great source since I generally don’t like banana pudding (or any pudding in general), but the only one I’d be willing to eat is the Cook’s Illustrated version. It’s under a firewall, so do an internet search to find it elsewhere. My vague recollection is that it’s a decent amount of work (partner made it; I did not). I think you need to roast the bananas and then incorporate that into the custard.

As an FYI, partner’s has a family banana pudding recipe (sis is slowly trying to monetize it, so I’m not going to post it here; I don’t actually even know if the recipe has actual absolute measurements) that transplanted southerns apparently love. They all hated the Cook’s Illustrated version. I don’t like the family recipe at all (which has a pudding that looks and tastes very “synthetic”).

I was thinking of doing this anyway.

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Roasting bananas in their skins is great technique