ISO Heritage Beans in Los Angeles

I know about Rancho Gordo but I’d prefer not to make such a relatively large commitment. Can anyone recommend somewhere retail to buy some interesting obscure heritage beans?

There are retailers in and around LA that carry Rancho Gordo:

Zürsun is another good brand you can find locally:

Thank you! This was really helpful.

Yeah, there used to be great vendor called Rice and Beans at the Mar Vista Farmers Market. Sadly, they closed. :frowning:


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It’s kind of a trip but if you’re up near Santa Barbara anyway: Lompoc Beans

And if you’re up that way, try out Industrial Eats in Buellton. I had a crazy good smoked pheasant salad there.

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Forgive the poor photographs.

This stand is at the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Wednesdays.


Looks like fresh cranberry beans as well.

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Excellent!!! That was just like Rice and Beans! I loved that I could just buy one cup or something for Casoulette or soup! :slight_smile:


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Good eye @robert. They usually have fresh shelling beans for lots of cultivars and, for those that have tasty pods, some fresh whole pods to treat like green beans.

@Dommy! Exactly. The beans are incredibly fresh and buying in bulk is where it’s at.
All that said, the selection isn’t as wide as Rancho Gordo and other specialty purveyors. I still use those companies for certain beans.

Here is another vendor at SMFM on Wednesday, though I haven’t tried them.


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