ISO Saba Bozushi

After seeing @Chowseeker1999 and @moonboy403’s report on hayato, i’m craving some saba-zushi or bo-zushi in my mouth. Where can i get this kyoto sushi specialty? I’ve only seen it as a special at shibumi and of course hayato.

seki saba-zushi @ shibumi

aji bo-zushi @ hayato




I’m still dreaming of that bite.

Is Shibumi’s every bit as great?


Never had this Kyoto style but I already know I will like it!!

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The new presentation of it is so lovely! I can taste it in the back of my mouth as I think of it.

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I’ve never asked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shige-san at Shibucho would make it with advanced notice.

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Sorry, I don’t have any leads in LA. But I share your enthusiasm.

One of the highlight courses I had at Okuda (NYC):

Saba bozushi

Just fantastic.

I do think this style is becoming more and more popular (or maybe I am just seeing it more on IG), so the hope is it’ll show up on menus here soon.


How about SF?

I don’t eat sushi in SF anymore. I had gone to Sushi Yoshizumi in San Mateo quite a bit early on but it got very hard to book (it’s quite good, best in NorCal) and out of the price quadrant I’d want from a regular and impromptu sushi meal. But if anyone could make it good in the Bay Area, it would be Akira-san at Sushi Yoshizumi (they do a $250 menu with advanced notice; I wonder if saba bozushi could be requested). Tbh, I visit LA, Honolulu, and NY enough that I tend to just eat sushi while traveling (and Tokyo next year).

Kiraku in Berkeley does good shime-saba sashimi, but that’s different than saba bozushi of course. They do torch it slightly to render some of the oils (yes, it’s not warmed by the radiating heat of bincho, but Kiraku is a solid izakaya, not a high-end sushi joint like Noz in NYC). Not sushi, but you can have a solid meal with shime-saba sashimi, suzuki carpaccio, maybe corn tempura, clam & cilantro ramen, and end with a hojicha blancmange.

Edit: I saw pics on Ye*p - Yoshizumi does make saba bozushi.


thank you, sushi yoshizumi has been on my list.

Best one can do in Northern California, imo.

First google image for me is a saba bozushi wrapped like isobeyaki. Alexaa, are you watching me, or just a coincidence?

I also see that Akira-san does an iwashi maki, as famous from Sugita (amongst others). He also had the teetering kurumaebi like Amamoto. Ok, when I return, I’ll request saba bozushi, iwashi maki, and while we’re at it let’s throw in some kanpyo maki. FTC meetup at and buyout of all the seats at Sushi Yoshizumi? One day.


I’m in.

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I’m in too depending on the date!

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Lemme return in the next couple of weeks and ask Akira-san how to make this happen. Website says reservations for 4, but if possible it would be great to get all 9 seats with FTC’ers. When I get confirmation something like this is possible, I’ll start a separate thread and we can migrate posts.

I’ll get some details - meanwhile, please feel free to shout out some thoughts on your general availability.

@beefnoguy @Chowseeker1999, please feel free to join, too (and others, whose names escape me at the moment)!


I am down too for sure though I’m traveling soon so October will be better, probably any night the week of October 8 (they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays). Pick a date and I can also contact them if you need help (I’m actually going soon too and can mention). All nine seats will have to be filled at probably a specified start time. And this will have to be at least 1.5 months in advance.

Don’t think saba is in season now for Sushi Yoshizumi. He hasn’t served his bousushi for at least a month or two.

It’s $250 to $260/$270 (if you add on more) per person + 20% service charge + tax, drinks/corkage ($35 per 750 mL) not included.

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I’m generally available two weekends a month starting in October.

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I’m generally available in October, except the 21st through 28th. If October, and that week, how does Saturday, October 13 work for people? Maybe we need a poll…though, if it’s 9 total people, there may not be that many parties to work with. For now, I’m solo.

Yes, that would be helpful! You’ve probably been much more than I have. I’m guessing people will prefer the latter, 8:00pm seating instead of 5:30pm?

I will bring a bottle or two to share and I’m sure we’ll all be edified by your tasting notes, haha!

Solo for me as well. 10/13 would be dead perfect though 10/12, and 10/14 are do-able for me as well.

For a buyout, that depends on the chef. I’ve attended one where the start time was set at 7 to 7:30 pm. They only do a certain number of extended omakase per night, so with this special request which is far more than the daily quota, it may be better to start well before 8:00 pm since it is more work for the restaurant. Whoever is in, needs to be committed, and flexible with the start time that the chef requests.

LOL at the tasting notes!

If we are really doing this, I guess I will have need to procure a 1.8 Liter bottle for this special dinner… (so you all better be committed and dedicated!).

K, how does Saturday, October 13 work for everyone else? @PorkyBelly @J_L @moonboy403 , (…@Chowseeker1999 I had volunteered you cause of your sushi/sake tastes, but no pressure!). Or, suggest another date? (I kinda wish I knew how to create a Poll in Discourse).

Is this going to be another “YOLOmakase” :rofl: . If there are 9, I’ll bring a nice Champagne and a 750 of Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo (that’s not on his sake list, right?) to share; with a 1.8L there should be enough to go around, I think…

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