ISO Saba Bozushi

Yeah they don’t carry Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo so you are good.

Possible there may be something interesting on the sake list by that time, no pressure for people, though I could buy one of the bottles if something strikes my fancy instead of forcing my magnum pairing on everyone :sweat_smile:. They also have a sake pairing for $100 to $110 (or half portion at around $50 ish), around 5 to 6 different kinds of sake they pour, all very solid.

I think 9 of us last time went through one champagne (a Brut or Extra Brut 2004), one 720 mL Junmai Daiginjo, two 1.8 L, and a Dreams Come True… lol. But let’s not go overboard, or YOLOverboard…

I can do Oct 13th but Oct 6th or the 20th would be better for me. How do those dates work for everybody. I’ll also be with a friend.

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Of the dates mentioned, only 10/13 would work for me.

You guys can go ahead without me. I’ll barely be back from my NYC trip then.

… and I just checked with work, and October is no-go for me. Cannot do 10/13 even.


We’ll figure this out!


Out of curiosity, for those of you who are from LA, are you guys flying up the day of and flying back the night of or perhaps the next day?

Can I jump in an say this is one of the most epic FTC planning I have ever witnessed? Hope you all have a magnificent evening!


i’ll be trying to pair this with a dinner at che fico


Sounds like a poll is needed. Worst case with enough advance notice I can make myself available any Saturday evening in October starting on the 13th and could take it into November if we have to? Either way, Oct/Nov there should be some great seasonal items!

Since we’d like every one who responded today to make it, that may mean excluding October. I’m listing weekend dates in November. September pretty much won’t work (1) given that reservations are already online (September 29 will probably be out of the question by tomorrow) and (2) we’d need to give Akira-san more than 1 month advanced notice, most likely.

@beefnoguy I know you mentioned you’ll be traveling…

EDIT: If people select that no date works in November, then we’ll try December. Otherwise, it’s too overwhelming to try and guess December availability.

Bear with me, let’s give this poll a try.

  1. Please select all listed dates that you can make it - this likely means multiple responses. If you can’t make it, or don’t know yet, please leave that date unchecked.

I realize that most people (myself included) don’t know every date when he/she will be available. Also, schedules change - let’s work with this for now; we might come to something sooner than expected.

  1. Please post how many total in your party.
  2. Once we find a date where everyone can make it - keeping in mind that we can want 9 total - we’ll have an idea and can try to firm up some details with the reservation.
  3. Then, we’ll list all the dates all people can make it, and we’ll narrow down the preferred one.

Edit: god, this poll is ugly. It has a max of 20 options. I’m splitting the rest into a subsequent post.

  • Friday, Nov 2

  • Saturday, Nov 3

  • Sunday, Nov 4

  • Friday, Nov 9

  • Saturday, Nov 10

  • Sunday, Nov 11

  • Friday, Nov 16

  • Saturday, Nov 17

  • Sunday, Nov 18

  • Friday, Nov 23 (day after Thanksgiving)

  • Saturday, Nov 24

  • Sunday, Nov 25 (travel will be hellish)

  • Friday, Nov 30

  • I cannot make any of the above dates

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I realize the holidays will more likely be and are better spent with loved ones than strangers, but I’ll put those dates up for completeness, anyway.

I’m assuming Friday and weekends work better for most people. If weekdays are preferred, let me know.

If there isn’t a good date this year, well, there’s always 2019.

EDIT: all this cause I was reminded about some saba-zushi today, thanks @PorkyBelly :rofl:


EDIT: I’m going to ask @robert to delete this December poll (I can’t)

Let’s only explore December if there’s no date that works in November. It’s too overwhelming, and if you’re like me, I don’t really know what I’m doing in December.

  • Saturday, Dec 1
  • Sunday, Dec 2
  • Friday, Dec 7
  • Saturday, Dec 8
  • Sunday, Dec 9
  • Friday, Dec 14
  • Saturday, Dec 15
  • Sunday, Dec 16
  • Friday, Dec 21
  • Saturday, Dec 22
  • Sunday, Dec 23
  • Friday, Dec 28
  • Saturday, Dec 29
  • Sunday, Dec 30
  • I cannot make any weekend date in December 2018.

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Already voted. I’m limited to the two major holidays since I would like to stack this next SF trip with possibly Saison, Meadowood, and COI.

Im not able to see who actually voted in each poll. There are 5 voters total, and 4 voted yes for Sat 11/3. Of those 4, I can account for 3 voters…but I’m trying to figure out that last voter.

If you did vote for 11/3, and we haven’t already been in contact via PM, can you please PM me? Ideally, in the next day or so; thank you!