Istanbul Grill in Fountain Valley in photos

Around the corner from my mother in law’s. Very tasty, though given that I live a couple miles from E Hollywood and Glendale, (so, Marouch and Adana and Carousel and Rafi’s and Elena’s) not a destination for me unless we’re visiting M-I-L. Glad to see at least one more explicitly Turkish place, too, though it’d be nice if the occasionally expanded their menu…

Fine yes, pictures, of course. I admit it is useful for that, and also location info.

But in terms of the rankings…?

Do people decide to eat at places on Yelp based on photos?

I will say one thing for Yelp, in this era of “Instagram bait”, the photos on yelp tend to be far better at capturing the reality of what a place might be putting out every night.

My biggest qualm with Yelp is actually that there is no “sort by date” feature for the photos. You don’t just see the most recently posted one, but rather a random assortment. I find that very annoying.

On a more playful note, I’ve found that reading some 1-star reviews can be very helpful with Yelp. My formula is simple: if most of the 1-star reviews say the place sucks because 1) too many hipsters (major bonus is reviews constantly complain the place is RUN by hipsters, and another bonus is the chef is a “hipster chef”), 2) small portion sizes, 3) too complicated of a menu, 4) food is too “weird” you can most likely bet the place is great, 5) It’s “too expensive”.

Absolutely love Turkish food, thanks for this

Also, 1 star Yelp reviews are generally informative or amusing from those folks who didn’t quite get the restaurant’s purpose and mission (those folks who got offended when the hostess at Kokokeko used to warn gringo first-timers: “no tempura, no teriyaki, no sushi”, because, after all, what sort of Japanese restaurant won’t serve those???) and those folks who had some glitch with actually getting seated and proceed to trash a place where they’ve never actually EATEN…

…and “run by hipsters…”? I’d take that to mean they work from what I used to call the “Fred Eric Silverlake manual of restaurant management and staff training” and it’s something I’d likely knock a restaurant down for.

What most Yelper’s mean by that phrase is that the chef, and management are young (and most likely have tattoos), and the food is sourced from local farms, probably with some of the farms listed on the menu.

Honestly though, on Yelp, virtually everywhere seems to be a Hipster restaurant to someone… anywhere that doesn’t serve an old school appetizer/entree/dessert menu is liable to be called a hipster joint, or even get the “run by hipsters” label.

Personally, I am extremely thankful for all these millions and millions of hipsters. lol

Actually, you should be thankful for the Asians, they by far take the most photos of food. This is the single most reliable source of Yelp. If you have an idea of what it looks like, you’re more likely to be satisfied.

Curious as to the % of Asians posting here as well.

Asians and Jews = 99%


LOL! I go back on food sites to dial up internet and some things never change.

I know… I am pretty sure I’m literally the only non-Jewish caucasian here huh?

Weird shit…

I am the 1%!!


Me too!

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Probably the best damn service in all of OC…owner chats with you offers you Turkish coffee and baklava, hey try this sample that etc

Lots of tasty things I had but I have no reference for Turkish food.

Babaganoush is good. Adana as well. The pita and some sun dried tomato sauce. Even that falafel. Have to explore more and learn more.

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