It this the end of La Paella?

San Vic x Burton.

Been going there for years as it’s very unique in its level of coziness, authenticity, staff. Just cant get enough of sitting in that room as if it’s someone’s house. Never really order the paella itself, we just load the table up with tapas and chug wine.

But we walked out of it couple of weeks ago and saw a Notice for pending sale on the window… crushed.

yea we have higher end Spanish options here but this is special :frowning:

So who knows el scoop?

what else is this cute in LA


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Sadness. While the paella at La Paella was middle-of-road at best, their tapas were quite dependably good.

Having been to Spain i learned to never order paella anywhere. Even in Spains locals laughed at us for inquiring about it while point out that they only eat paella in Valencia.

Update. Place isn’t going anywhere. Owners sold to new owners. Apparently kitchen staff remains. Will check it out soon.


La Paella

Talking about Bazaar and José Andrés on @MelB5luv’s thread made me think about a little jaunt I took in search of Chicken Croquettes during my favorite DoTM… Chicken.

Spanish food has had a curiously tenuous existence in L.A. I really like going to La Paella but was curious how a place like this has survived all these years while newer, interesting, sometimes tastier places have come and gone. I also wanted to see how it compared food-wise to its glamorous Spanish neighbor inside the SLS Hotel.

Whad’ ya’ know? My neighborhood homie, @Nemroz, already started a thread.

When you step inside La Paella it’s like stepping into the restaurant scene of an old European movie - lace curtains, tchotchkes, artificial flowers, waiters who seem like they come with the place. It’s quaint and charmingly kitschy with a side of quirk…

Ahhh… a place that still uses tablecloths. No wonder our ears weren’t ringing.

Bread, Aioli, Tapenade

Croquetas de Pollo aka Chicken Croquettes!

Crispy, creamy, lite chicken-y goodness. :blush:

Paella de Mar y Montaña (of sea and mountains (land))

I forgot you have to ask them for the crunchy, crispy bottom (socarrat) and blew it on this visit. One can only imagine how much more depth of flavor and ingredients there is in a Spanish, Spanish paella. But never having been to Spain I don’t know what I’m missing. This one does me good.

I did make my own once (sorta’) at a Thomas Keller Ad Hoc Cookbook cooking class :grin:

It’s where I learned to make aioli by hand. It’s also where I found out there are others besides me who have cookbooks on their bedside table.

Chocolate Mousse

Surprisingly delicious, creamy, nice cocoa flavor, thick, not stiff or chalky. Better than the one we had recently at Petite Trois. They try to give their mousse more of a dark chocolate profile, but I think they over do it.

Well… this is interesting trivia…

Homegirl has come a long way from seeking a waitressing job at La Paella.

Not having a lot of options for paella in L.A. we naturally gravitate towards it on the menu at a place called La Paella. But tapas, hors d’oeuvres, canapés, pu-pu (a rose by any other name) are my favorite way to eat, so next time we’ll do the spread.

We usually have their individual bottles of cava, like they have on airplanes. Any nice wine suggestions?

La Paella
S San Vicente Bl
Near Beverly Center

The Research Continues…

Tres by José Andrés

I think Bazaar is the kind place to go with someone special, but I can’t get mine excited about this one. So, I happened to be shopping at TJs on San Vicente & Burton Way and on the spur of the moment decided to hop over to the more casual Tres by José Andrés to continue my research. :wink: It’s a pretty spot and I sat at the high-top outside of the chic little bar. Keep in mind I still had chicken, in particular, chicken croquettes on the brain…

Croquetas de Pollo (chicken croquettes) - made with organic, farm-raised chicken and béchamel served w/brava sauce & aioli.

These were fine.

Chicken Dumpling Soup - broth, potato, daikon, pasta.

Very lovely and very enjoyable.

Tres by José Andrés
SLS Hotel / La Cienega
Near Beverly Center

It was a tasty jaunt, but I didn’t have enough dishes to fairly compare the food at both restaurants. And I didn’t come to a definitive conclusion as to why Spanish restaurants in general don’t stick or why La Paella has endured. There’s comfort in tradition. It’s convivial and the food is good and they’re obviously experienced restaurant people, yes. But it’s more likely that they have a solid base of regulars, European & Latin American transplants, Angelenos who grew up eating similar food and those of us who simply enjoy the food - combine that with proximity to Cedars and the medical offices and you have a built-in clientele. Im glad. I’d be really sad to see them go.

Anyhoo… Happy Chicken, Spanish Tapas & Paella Trails!

P.S. @MelB5luv, I too think José Andrés is doing great things for folks around the world and right here in California. His World Central Kitchen was on our list of 2018 donations.

:wine_glass: :shallow_pan_of_food:


What a thoughtful post, @TheCookie. I’ll have to check out La Paella next time I’m in the neighborhood…I do enjoy a good chicken crouquette.

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Great post!

Sadly, it looks like the paella at La Paella remains its weak link. The rice there does not resemble short-grain varieties traditionally used for paella (short-grain rice tends to retain ‘toothiness’ better while cooking on the paella pan, and also soaks up the sofrito flavor much better than long-grain rice). And socarrat? Fuhgeddaboutit…

That having been said, their tapas are good, and the croquetas are well-made. Thanks for the reminder!

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That paella made baby Jesus cry

Way to go @TheCookie

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Nice report! The bouillon soup at Tres looks amazing. Worth the drive, just for that bowl.

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According to Yelp, you have to request the Bomba rice to be used.

I don’t care, I’m still going to check it out. I’ve never even heard of this place, thank you @nemroz and @TheCookie for the write-ups.


Omg seriously?!

I don’t know. But what the heck, it’s worth a try. :joy::rofl:

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Please report back! Who knows, maybe that “special order” is the necessary catalyst for a truly great paella to come out of that kitchen…

But I’m not holding my breath.

It just feels wrong to have to endure a surcharge just for them to move a finger on what they should be already doing in the first place.

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Skip the rice there. Spend that money on 5 other dishes. But ya, better you than me :stuck_out_tongue:

and again, make sure to bring some of your own wine.


w…t…f…i can’t even

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The place was sold to non-spaniards. Not sure if that’s what drives this but I was speculating the sale would be bad news way up there in the thread. I’m going to have to start a proper paellaria aren’t i. you have to be super anal with that dish and preferably have al fresco capacities with loads of fire burning

Da, tovarishch, da.

They should change its name to La Risotteria, 'cuz risotto is what you’re getting as a default UNLESS you should choose to buy their “upgrades”… WTF.

not even man… it’s just roasted seafood rice. they’re not risottoing anything

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